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“Here’s an interesting example of blog ‘telephone tag,'” veteran journalist Hillel Levin tells Romenesko readers.
It was announced at Cannes this week that Levin’s Playboy article, “Boosting the Big Tuna,” will be made into a movie starring Robert DeNiro and Robert Pattinson.

“Entertainment reporters interviewed Pattinson in Cannes and I was surprised to see in their accounts that the dispute between [Chicago mob boss Tony] Accardo and [burglar John] Mendell involved a ‘porn’ shop,” writes Levin. “In fact it revolved around the burglary of Levinson’s Jewelers, which was also a high-end ‘pawn’ shop. I then realized that the reporters heard Pattinson pronounce ‘pawn’ as ‘porn.’

“Meanwhile as more blogs continued to report on the story, the ‘porn’ element took center stage until the grim action thriller turned into a sex comedy. This blog tried to follow the thread. I tried to set the record straight here.”

* Small-time crooks accidentally rob a porn store owned by mob boss (


Transcribed from The New Yorker’s “Out Loud” podcast, hosted by New Yorker website editor Nicholas Thompson.

Nicholas Thompson: So, Ken, you recently set the Internet on fire. You wrote a post that that I believe has had 1.3 million readers so far, about the firing of Jill Abramson of the New York Times. Tell me about the moment it happened, how you heard, and how you went about writing your blog post, which appeared maybe three hours after the news hit.

Ken Auletta: It was 2:36 in the afternoon. I was sitting in front of my Mac, and I was working on the Hillary piece and there flashed across my screen a notice – I get push notices from the New York Times and other places – Jill Abramson been fired, and I said, Oh, wow.

Then Amy Davidson, who works for you, emails me literally within minutes. Have you heard about this? Can you do anything? And I was so shocked and curious what happened, so I began to make calls. And I called someone I know who’s extremely close to her, and this person first didn’t want to talk, and I called this person back five minutes later and then this person told me some things about her pay – the pay issue – as one of the issues, and that she had hired a lawyer, which became a bigger issue. …

If a man you call tough, and a woman you call pushy or bitchy – that’s a form of gender-based attitude, and that may well exist here with her. Certainly Jill Abramson felt that. That’s really a central thing. Clearly it was in Jill Abramson’s mind that she as a woman was being treated unfairly, which is why she hired a lawyer – my God! – and that act, which was not a team-like act, was something that was deeply offensive to Sulzberger. …

* Out Loud: Ken Auletta on Media (

- From The Huffington Post's home page

– From The Huffington Post’s home page

No, Huffington Post, this is a huge blunder (remember that?):

-- From The Huffington Post, December 9, 2013

— From The Huffington Post, December 9, 2013

* “Huge blunder”: New York Times has a page one headline typo (
* HuffPo: We incorrectly called Hawaii an independent country (

Call Comcast when your Internet goes down and you’ll be asked to describe your customer service experience. Hire Home Depot to install your carpet (as I recently did) and they’ll follow up to see if the job was done right.

And now…..

Fail in your attempt to get hired by NBCUniversal and you’ll be asked to fill out a survey.

A Romenesko reader writes:

I’ve never received a request to participate in a survey for a potential employer before. I didn’t get far in the process in a job I applied for at NBCUniversal,nbc but I thought it was an interesting concept.

Is this a positive, beneficial step to aid job hunters? Or, is this just adding insult to injury? If I’m busy sending out cover letters, do I really have time to answer your company’s questions about a process that concluded with my not being chosen? I wonder if other media companies are using this “The Talent Board.”

Here’s the letter that my tipster received:

From: NBCUniversal Talent Acquisition (NBCUniversal)
Date: Wed, May 28, 2014 at 11:42 AM
Subject: NBCUniversal Candidate Experience Survey

Dear XXXX,
Within the last twelve months you applied to NBCUniversal for employment and we would like your feedback on your experience. We are working with a third party, non-profit organization, The Talent Board, to analyze and improve the experience that we deliver to our employment candidates. The Talent Board is administering the survey on our behalf.

We are inviting you to influence us. We want feedback from anyone who applied for a job with us – no matter how far you went in the process. Your participation in this brief 10-20 minute online survey will help us to provide a better candidate experience to future job seekers.

Please click here to start your survey, or click on the “Tell Us What You Think” icon below.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

I called The Talent Board – “a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the candidate experience,” according to the phone recording – and left a message.

* Alan Meckler sells Mediabistro to Prometheus Global Media for $8 million. He bought it from Laurel Touby for $23 million in 2007. (
* Charles Lane on Margaret Sullivan‘s column re Michael Kinsley: “If you find it odd that the [New York] Times’ reader advocate should be calling for non-publication of contrary views on press freedom, I agree with you.” ( | Kinsley responds to Sullivan. (
* Conde Nast asks its editors and publishersgramps to review a 4,000-word “Magna Carta” for native advertising. (
* Grandparents love him! The median age for Bill O’Reilly’s audience reaches a new high of 72.1. (
* Adam Liptak tells Harvard grads about landing his “dream job” at the New York Times. (
* Deadspin editor Tommy Craggs says his site deserves “to catch shit” for having no fulltime female staffers. (
* “Google is not where we want to be when it comes to diversity.” (It’s 70% male and 61% white.) (Google Blog)
* Murray Energy claims it only sues journalists “as a last resort.” (
* Independent Journal Review has become one of the web’s most successful viral publishers, thanks to Upworthy-like headlines. (
typo* Noted: There’s a typo (at left) on the front page of the New York Times today. (@ckanal) | Earlier: There was a typo on the front page of the New York Times. (
* Judge: New Orleans Advocate reporter doesn’t have to name his sources. (
* Send a press release to ESPN’s Darren Rovell and there’s a good chance it’ll run almost verbatim. (
* Was it a recent Uni-Watch column that prompted the Atlanta Braves to change their helmet logo? (Possibly.) (
* A church group tells its members to boycott NPR over the cancellation of “Tell Me More.” (
* Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor is expected close his Star Tribune deal around June 30. (
* News organizations try new approaches to reader comments. (