Afternoon Report for May 30, 2014

* Toledo Blade is closing its production and mailing facilities. The paper says 131 jobs will be lost. ( | The paper’s letter to the city: (@bladeguild)
exclam* You didn’t end your sentence with an exclamation mark!? How unfriendly of you! (
* The departing Philadelphia Inquirer marketing chief kicks up some dirt on his way out. “If our Inquirer product was a soup, it would have been taken off the store shelves,” he says. (
* Lewis Katz didn’t expect to own the Inquirer. (
* Sources say Long Beach Register is going from six days a week to just one. (
* Vice Media drops F-bombs on Gawker. (
* Jeff Zucker tells his staff how proud he is to work at CNN. (
* Coming to the New York Times: “A sort of rock and roll period of change.” (@davidfolkenflik)
* The Daily Southerner (Tarboro, NC), which has been around since the early 1800s, is folding. Its website will go dark, too. (
* A suburban Chicago woman says she laughed when she was ticketed for a Facebook post. (