Morning Report for May 30, 2014

* Dean Baquet says one of his first jobs as executive editor “is to make sure that the turmoil which was inevitable [after Jill Abramson‘s dismissal] doesn’t get in the way of what The New York Times does best.” (
buzz2* There was also a lot of turmoil at Automobile magazine yesterday. ( | (
* Howard Kurtz wishes Brian Williams had asked Edward Snowden: “Why do you deserve to be let off scot-free?” (
* Another day, another Daily Mail plagiarism accusation. (
* The spelling bee fan favorite – not the winners – gets the cover of the News-Press. (Jacob Williamson is a local boy.) ( | “The most colorful participant.” ( | Daniel Williamson calls his son “a free-range chicken.” (
* Scrips National Spelling Bee? Scripts? No, it’s spelled Scripps. | Meet the spelling bee racists. ( | ( | Earlier: Scripps says it’s committed to the bee. (
* Vice Media doesn’t pay much. (“His employees are pissed that they can hardly afford rent in Brooklyn.”) (
* “Can you all please click the shit out of this story so I can make a few bucks on it?” requests newfangled media algorithm-hater Erin Biba. (
* How to interview nudists: Just maintain eye contact. (
* What the heck’s going on at The Wire? Staffers at The Atlantic property “were told that the editor-in-chief search had been halted and that departed staffers would not be replaced in the immediate future,” reports CJR. (
* Google buys Nest, then removes a big competitor from search results. (
* People’s front-of-book “Picks and Pans” is being bumped for “a new franchise that better reflects the ways people are consuming culture online.” (
cavett* Dick Cavett recalls his worst show. (His three guests were drunk.) (
* Buffalo News’ TV critic can’t interview a local news anchor for his “flattering goodbye piece” because the woman’s bosses won’t allow it. “Foolishness,” says Alan Pergament. (