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Tom Farragher is leaving the Boston Globe Spotlight Team to write enterprise pieces and assist with major news stories. He’ll have the title of Globe associate editor.

From: [editor] McGrory, Brian
Date: Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 3:45 PM
Subject: Tom Farragher
To: [Globe editorial]

If we accept that all good things must come to an end, then I’ve now learned that all great things are finite as well.spotlight Tom Farragher has let me know that his eight years as editor of the Spotlight Team are enough. At his request, Tom will return to the newsroom to write high impact enterprise stories, report and help oversee projects, and contribute to our coverage of major news events, taking the well-earned title of associate editor in this new role.

Tom’s decision closes out a spectacular run in Spotlight, one which saw an ambitious expansion of the reach and scope of our elite investigative unit. Under Tom’s leadership, there were no sacred cows, no targets too big or powerful, no topics too unwieldy or complex. The results were immediate and deep – state reviews, Justice Department investigations, IRS raids, and grand jury indictments. When Tom writes (he’s a stellar wordsmith, by the way), systems change and officials are often at risk of jail./CONTINUES Read More


CNN’s Brian Stelter announced today the launch of his “Future of Media” Flipboard magazine and CNNMoney media section. “These are works in progress, so feedback is welcomed,” he tweets.

* Jeff Zucker discusses the revamped CNNMoney site (


- Telegram & Gazette newsroom today

– Telegram & Gazette newsroom today

@SusanSpencerTG: Sad day as we say goodbye to the 20 people who honorably served the T&G for many years.

Halifax Media bought the Worcester Telegram & Gazette from Boston Globe and Red Sox owner John Henry on May 22. Today the Florida newspaper chain laid off at least 20 T&G journalists, according to social media reports. Before today’s cuts, the paper had 81 fulltime equivalent positions, according to Do you have more information? Email me, please.

Update: “T&G staffers have gone into meeting with Halifax Media officials,” tweets @LisaEckelbecker “It’s off the record, so that’s all for now. The cuts are apparently over.” Off the record?

Update 2: A just-posted story about Halifax wrapping up the Telegram & Gazette deal makes no mention of today’s newsroom layoffs. reports T&G editor Leah Lamson was among those pink-slipped this morning. [Correction: Boston Business Journal reports she resigned.]

* T&G staff and supporters’ tweets at #SupporttheTelegramStaff


* Hilaria Baldwin holds her center (
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Fortune editor’s memo to staff:

From: Serwer, Andy – Fortune
Date: Monday, June 2, 2014 12:52 PM
To: [Fortune editorial]
Subject: She’s back!

More great news on Fortune 500 Day! I am delighted to tell you that Bethany McLean is coming back to Fortune as a columnist at the new

Bethany McLean

Bethany McLean

It’s an auspicious day for a return, as we launch the new site and release the Fortune 500. Bethany of course was a most distinguished writer here for many years before she decamped to Vanity Fair to become a contributing editor there. She will continue in that role at VF.

I am thrilled that Bethany is back with us at She’s an amazing journalist and really good people too.


Andy Serwer
Managing Editor
Fortune Magazine

* Fortune and Money launch new websites (

Coming soon to eBay?

Memo to staffers at Warren Buffett’s BH Media Group:

From: Kroeger, Terry
Sent: Monday, June 02, 2014 10:53 AM
To: BH Media Employees
Subject: Berkshire Annual Meeting Shirts


Each year, at the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting, BH Media Group produces and sells T-Shirts that fit the general theme of that year’s meeting.
This year, the theme was baseball-related and our shirt proved to be very popular, selling out by around Noon on meeting day.

We have had many requests for these shirts from our employees since the meeting. As a small gesture of thanks for all you do for our company, we will provide a shirt to our entire BH Media team. They should be arriving soon and your local paper’s management staff will getting them out to you when they arrive. Please enjoy your BH Media team shirt!

BH Media Group

Terry Kroeger
President and CEO

* Here’s the shirt that BH Media staffers are getting (@ACPress_Steve)

Not even the Bee people can do that, Elise.

What happened, ICYMI: Contestant (and eventual co-winner) Sriram Hathwar asked for the definition of “feijoada” after getting the word in the Scripps National Spelling Bee last Thursday.
Dr. Jacques Bailly
Bee pronouncer Dr. Jacques Bailly (left) began reading lyrics to Kelis’ 2003 “Milkshake”: “While Tabitha discovered that while her milkshake brought all the boys to the yard -”

Laughter broke out.

“Oh, boy,” said Bailly. “Oh, I’m sorry, I was reading the wrong sentence.”

Twitter exploded after the mistake. Some of the reaction:

* “The funniest thing to happen at the National Spelling Bee.”
* “‘Milkshake’ quoted in Scripps Spelling Bee because kids love BJ jokes”
* “By far the weirdest pop culture reference to ever show up in a spelling bee.”
* “The spelling bee got interesting once the announcer said ‘tabitha’s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.'”

I asked Bailly what happened, and he passed my question to Bee spokesman Chris Kemper, who tells us:

There are many references to pop culture in the sentences used at the Scripps National Spelling Bee. In fact, we employ comedy writers to develop these sentences.kelis It’s one way we make the sentences entertaining and, therefore, the Bee more engaging.

There is a multi-layered review and approval process for the sentence content. The comedic sentence provided for the word “feijoada” was rejected during an initial review. The Bee will review how the sentence came to appear in material served to Dr. Bailly after being rejected in our system.

On another matter: I asked Kemper about press interest in this year’s bee. “We had 177 journalists onsite this year – very much in line with the 175 we had at the Spelling Bee last year,” he said.

* Kelis’ “Milkshake” had a cameo during the Spelling Bee ( | (

* Lewis Katz “loved journalism,” says Philadelphia Inquirer editor Bill Marimow. “As an owner, he was delighted to be once again in journalism. He loved providing tips – but never nudged.” (
* The Supreme Court refuses to get involved in the James Risen case. (AP via | Earlier: Why the court should hear the New York Times reporter’s case. (
* Andrew Sullivan: “At the Beast and Atlantic, I used to obsess over traffic numbers … Now, we obsess over subscription revenue.” (
* White House reporters say Jay Carney‘s most notable achievement is that he did nothing notable. (
* The paywall goes down at the Columbia Missourian. Readers now have to answer a one- or two-question survey before seeing an article. (
* Michael Wolff examines the fight “between, on the one hand, the incompetents, craven panderers and mid-level corporate bureaucrats in the book business and, on the other, the authoritarian creepos at Amazon.” ( | David Carr‘s take. (
* Wolff on The Guardian’s Alan Rusbridger: “His is an absolute, pre-modern sort of power, faith-based and exclusionary. You believe or you don’t. You are in or you are out.” (
* Predicting the virality of New York Times articles. (
* Really? “We’re seeing an uptick in interest from journalism majors who are quite serious about pursuing a career in print journalism,” says a newspaper internship coordinator. (
* The National Society of Newspaper Columnists names its contest finalists. (
* Greenlight Capital – looking for “young blood” – offers an internship to 82-year-old Regis Philbin. (
* The editor of The Oldie resigns, saying he’s “too old” to attend disciplinary meetings with his publisher. (