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Le, the “quirky” owner of Philadelphia’s Hop Sing Laundromat bar, did a chat with the Inquirer’s Mike Klein today. “This is how [Le] signed into our security log,” tweets Klein. “Almost an international incident.”

Also in Philadelphia: Drew Katz decides he doesn’t want to be a newspaper owner. He’s “going out the door for $16 million; the same $16 million that his father had originally invested in the [Inquirer/Daily News/] venture.”

UPDATE — Courier-Journal market development director Nancy Jo Trafton writes in an email: “I can confirm the announcement today of a restructuring in the newsroom at the Courier-Journal. Seven people were affected because their positions were eliminated. At the same time, we have created new positions that will be filled soon.

“While I cannot confirm individuals or their positions I can affirm that no reporting positions were affected by the restructuring.”

* “A piece of me died today,” says managing editor who was laid off (


I’ve received several reports of top editors being laid off at the Louisville Courier-Journal. So far, I’ve only seen metro editor Mike Trautmann announce his departure on Twitter. (I’m told seven in the newsroom were laid off today.)

Trautmann told colleagues that the restructuring was done to “make budget and flatten management.”

Staffers – current and former – are stunned by his ouster.
One writes: “The guy has been an unbelievable workhorse for the last decade. He regularly put in 12-hour days and had by far the biggest plate of responsibilities in the newsroom. As the staff shrank over the last 7-8 years, he kept taking on more duties and never complained about dwindling resources. He was loyal above all. It’s a shocking decision.”

Another email: “We are devastated at the CJ. They laid off our beloved metro editor … I am just devastated.”

I’m trying to confirm reports of other editors being laid off. Email me with your background information.

Update: Several emailers say managing editor Jean Porter was also laid off. I’ve asked her to confirm it. Others getting layoff notices: Multimedia manager John Mura, artist Steve Reed, and data desk manager Mark Taflinger.

There’s a newsroom meeting scheduled for 4:30 p.m. ET.

* Metro editor’s departure first of newsroom layoffs (

Reporter's top was banned

Reporter’s top was banned

Ogden (UT) Standard-Examiner reporter Morgan Briesmaster (left) was back on the courts beat again Monday, a few days after being turned away by security for wearing a sleeveless blouse. Yesterday she wore a long sleeve shirt.

Briesmaster writes in an email:

I showed up to the Davis County 2nd District Court yesterday – separate from Ogden’s courthouse where the [banning] incident occurred.

Defendant's top was allowed

Defendant’s top was allowed

I was fearful they would [bother] me for releasing so-called “negative’ information about bailiffs from a neighboring courthouse. However, I don’t think they even knew who I was and more than that, they treated me with the utmost respect – offering to help me with my large camera bags and direct me to the exact room I needed to be in.

Later, I noticed a picture our staff at the Standard-Examiner had taken a month ago [at right] of a defendant wearing a sleeveless shirt in a courtroom. Ironically, it happened to be the case I was covering Monday.

This time, the defendant was dressed “very conservatively,” I’m told by Standard-Examiner investigative reporter Cimaron Neugebauer, and “even the skirt went past her knees. No bare shoulders this time.”

* Earlier: Bare shoulders get Utah reporter booted from court (

New York Times Magazine editor Jake Silverstein’s staff memo about the appointment of Bill Wasik as his deputy:

Bill comes to The Times from Wired, where he was a senior editor for the past four years, working on a wide range of stories about tech, business, science, politics, and other subjects.

Bill Wasik

Bill Wasik

Prior to Wired, Bill was a senior editor at Harper’s for six years, where he edited more than 30 cover stories. Bill is a superb editor and an excellent writer as well. He’s published two books — “And Then There’s This” (2009), a fascinating study of Internet culture, and “Rabid” (2012), a cultural history of rabies that he co-wrote with his wife, Monica Murphy, a veterinarian. (Here they are talking pathogens on NPR.)

Bill is a graduate of Amherst College and also spent time at The New Yorker. And, of course, no introduction would be complete without noting that he is the person who invented the flash mob. Truly. Please join me in welcoming Bill Wasik to The New York Times. He will be starting in July.


* @billwasik

“Papa” Doug Manchester, who bought the San Diego Union-Tribune in 2011 and then changed the name to U-T San Diego, says in a front page note today that the paper isn’t for sale. He adds that he doesn’t have an acquisition announcement to make – even though he previously said he’d have news by June 6.

* U-T San Diego boss says he’ll have acquisition news by June 6 (

* Boston Globe’s latest hire, Angus Durocher, led the Obama campaign’s San Francisco Tech Field Office and was lead developer at YouTube.
* The EPA doesn’t know what “on the record” means. (
* No love for reporters at Hillary Clinton‘s Union Square Barnes & Noble book signing. (
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* The top three “very important” skills for graduating journalists, according to a new survey: accuracy, ethical principles, and good news judgment. (
* NASCAR reporter Dustin Long breaks his ankle while interviewing Dale Earnhardt Jr., but stays on the job. (
* What the…?! Times of India puts a joke about drowning next to a news story about drownings. (@daddy_san)
* Real authors know that: “Professional ghostwriters say their clients turn to them for a key reason: Writing a book is time-consuming and difficult.” (
* Ken Doctor: Time Inc. may well be too big to be successful. (
* Print circulation increased 2% globally in 2013 from a year earlier, but declined by 2% over five years. (
* New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet is finally tweeting. (
kareem* Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (left): “I grab [the] day’s New York Times and read the entire edition looking for my name. If I don’t see it, I send an angry email demanding that they fire the editor.” (Joking, of course.) (
* A power struggle at Tribune-owned Chicago magazine. (
* Longtime Baltimore City Paper art director Joe MacLeod sues after being laid off and denied severance. (