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I’m curious what sports broadcasters and sports journalism professors have to say about this San Antonio reporter’s Spurs boosterism. (I don’t watch local news and sports so I have no idea if this business as usual on the sports desk.) Are the days of objective local sports reports over? (I recall the old WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee – several news directors ago – used to have straightforward sportscasts.) Do consultants now encourage anchors to root for the home team? The San Antonio broadcast journalist who sent me the image writes: “This is getting ridiculous … this is another reason TV reporters get less and less respect.” Cory Smith’s Facebook post is getting thousands of Likes and hundreds of shares.

* KSAT: Cory Smith is showing his support for the Spurs (

Correction: An earlier version reported that Smith is a sports journalist. He let me know that he’s a news reporter.

- Mimi Brodeur, before and now

– Mimi Brodeur, before and now

For twenty years, Mimi Brodeur has reviewed restaurants anonymously for the Harrisburg (PA) Patriot-News. Starting today, the paper is putting her photo – without a disguise – next to her column. Patriot-News entertainment leader Richard Abowitz explains why:

Many folks in the restaurant industry have gotten to know Brodeur. And anyone who took the time could find her photo on the web. Grappling with that and other realities of the Internet era, it seems time to bring her into the spotlight.

Brodeur tells her editor that “after 20 years of being incognito, I am looking forward to having more freedom to interact with readers and to participate in community food and dining events.”

* Putting a face with a name: Mimi Brodeur’s anonymous no more (

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* “I wonder if Sony is aware of this interesting development” (@petermooreEA)
* “We all make mistakes … but this? Haha” ( | More reactions
* For the record: Sony Corp. makes PlayStation (

— h/t Dan Ackerman

“Dopey @chicagotribune critic fails to mention the ugly Sun Times sign,” Donald Trump tweeted after being blasted by Pulitzer-winning architecture critic Blair Kamin. (Update: Kamin points out he did mention the Sun-Times sign.) “Before I bought the site, the Sun Times had the biggest, ugliest sign Chicago has ever seen. Mine is magnificent and popular.” (It is? One of Kamin’s Tribune colleagues tells Trump that “no one – I repeat, NO ONE – in Chicago likes your sign.”)
Last week, Kamin called Trump’s sign “utterly out of character with its surroundings.” Also, he wrote, its letters are “grotesquely overscaled.” The Tribune architecture critic added: “To be sure, the nearby Tribune Tower has a prominently displayed sign, but it’s on an attached structure, not the neo-Gothic skyscraper itself. The Trump sign, by comparison, is a poke in the eye.”

At the Sun-Times, columnist Neil Steinberg points out that “a big Trump sign is not the Chicago way. Not to go all Garrison Keillor on you, but we’re Midwesterners. Modest people, the Pritzkers notwithstanding.”

* Blair Kamin criticizes Trump’s so-called Hollywood-like sign (
* Trump Tower letters shorts on taste, wildly offensive (
* @realdonaldtrump | @blairkamin | @chicagotribune
* The Sun-Times Facebook page has fun with Trump’s quote (

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From a New York Times media reporter:

* Jill Abramson to teach at Harvard ( | “I’m honored and excited,” she says (
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livingWinners of the $10,000 Livingston Awards for journalists under 35 have been announced.

Local reporting
Christopher Baxter, 28, of The Star-Ledger for “Private Schools, Hidden Riches.”

National reporting
Ellen Gabler, 33, and Allan James Vestal, 24, of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for “Deadly Delays.”

International Reporting
Luke Mogelson, 29, of the The New York Times Magazine for “The Dream Boat.”

The press release is after the jump. Read More

“I think I’ll just eat my leftover casserole cold today.”

-- From a Rome News-Tribune column

— From a Rome News-Tribune column, via Mike Stucka

* Dig in your heels and argue ’til you’re right (

* Politico launches a Journalism Institute. I’m guessing the students will learn how to “win the morning, win the evening.” (That, of course, is the newsroom’s famous motto.) ( | (
* Kickstarter adds a Journalism category, saying that “it’s more important than ever to make sure journalists have the tools and resourceskick to try new things.” (
* Emmis makes intern candidates compete in a “Hunger Games” social media style competition. (The winners don’t get paid.) (
* Of course, Arthur Gregg Sulzberger is going to be the next New York Times publisher. (
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* The New Republic says Chris Hedges “has a history of lifting material from other writers.” (
* Change is hard! New York Times’ Crossword 2.0 app is slammed by puzzlers and gets a lousy 1.3 App Store rating. (
* Jean Enersen, “the most popular TV news personalitybillgates in the Northwest,” retires from the anchor desk at Seattle’s KING 5 just days before turning 70. (
* “When you look at how the New York Times writes about Brooklyn, you feel like they’re writing about Mars,” says PolicyMic’s CEO. (
* Bill Gates, book critic. (
* Trump’s hotel guests now get digital editions of newspapers. (Print versions have to be requested.) ( | ( | Remember when Trump wanted to buy the New York Times? (@edmundlee)
* ClickHole is “The Onion’s greatest gift to the Internet.” (
* Jill Abramson will talk about “The Ethics of Privacy” in Chautauqua, NY, on July 9. (