San Antonio TV reporter Cory Smith gets Spurs logo shaved into his head


I’m curious what sports broadcasters and sports journalism professors have to say about this San Antonio reporter’s Spurs boosterism. (I don’t watch local news and sports so I have no idea if this business as usual on the sports desk.) Are the days of objective local sports reports over? (I recall the old WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee – several news directors ago – used to have straightforward sportscasts.) Do consultants now encourage anchors to root for the home team? The San Antonio broadcast journalist who sent me the image writes: “This is getting ridiculous … this is another reason TV reporters get less and less respect.” Cory Smith’s Facebook post is getting thousands of Likes and hundreds of shares.

* KSAT: Cory Smith is showing his support for the Spurs (

Correction: An earlier version reported that Smith is a sports journalist. He let me know that he’s a news reporter.