Daily Archives: June 15, 2014

Sean Wood sent this email after reading Thursday’s post about using the newsroom microwave to dry socks.

Back around 2006 or 2007 we had a torrential downpour in San Antonio. One of the Express-News editors got his feet soaked so he dried his socks in the microwave. That prompted everyone on the third floor (features, business, Conexión, and design) to go nuts. We all contributed to the following menu. Calcetines, by the way, is Spanish for socks.


microwaveSubject: New microwave menu
To: Third floor break room users
From: Express-News Culinary Council de Calcetines

Thanks to all your input as we reconfigure the menus for the third floor cafeteria. After careful consideration and several test dryings, here are the new selections for your consideration. If you have special dietary needs or would like to see other items on the menu, please contact us by e-mail or shoe phone.

1. Arroz con Calcetines
2. Filet of Sole
3. Sockeye Salmon
4. Scrambled Legs
5. Fricasee of Trotter
6. Shari Lewis’ Lambchop Special
7. Tube Steak
8. Knee Highs to a Grasshopper Pie
9. Argyle Club Sandwich
10. Lamb with Mint Toe Jam
11. Grilled Toe Cheese Sandwich
12. Odor Eater Fritters
13. Corns on the Cob
14. Liver & Bunions
15. Foot-long Hot Dogs
16. Sock Monkey Bread
17. Microwave Pop Corns
18. Pizza al Funghi
19. Sock Paneer
20. Toe-fu
21. Bootwurst
22. Unas con Pollo
23. Moo Shoe Pork
24. Patas con Huevos
25. Chimichanclas
26. Warm Socki
27. Shoe Fly Pie
28. Fri toe Pie
29.Toma toe Jam
30. Pad Toe
31. Calf’s Foot Jelly
32. Toemales
33. Corn Casserole
34. Sockotash
35. The Golden Arches Combo Meal
36. Happy Feet Meal
37. Toetilla Soup
38. Piggies in a Blanket

* That’s no way to use the newsroom microwave! (