‘Today’ corrects Donald Trump’s comments about Chicago Tribune’s architecture critic

From Monday’s NBC “Today” show:

We do have a clarification on something you may have heard here on Friday after our report on the controversial Trump sign on Donald Trump’s new Chicago building.

During a live phone interview Trump said of the controversy: “This was started by a third-rate architecture critic from the Chicago Tribune who I thought got fired. He was gone for a long period of time.”

Well, in fact that critic – Pulitzer Prize-winner Blair Kamin – has been with the Chicago Tribune for more than 20 years and also spent the 2013 academic year as a Nieman Fellow at Harvard.

Kamin tells me he requested the clarification on Friday and that “‘Today’ was very professional about this. They never disputed the need for a correction.”

The critic let Trump know last Thursday that he was never fired. “He had been apprised of the falsehood,” says Kamin, “but he went ahead and repeated it” on Friday.

“Inside Edition,” which also did a segment on the Trump sign flap, is also expected to air a correction on today’s show.

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