Morning Report for June 18, 2014

* “I remember writing this at the city desk as if it were yesterday,” says Shawn Hubler, one of the Times reporters who covered the OJ chase. (
* A member of the Society of Professional Journalists’ board questions an ethics code revision meeting in Columbus that will cost up to $11,000. “Not surprisingly,” writes Michael Koretzky, “SPJ leaders have told me I’m being ‘melodramatic.'” (
baby* How New York Times Magazine’s underwater babies were photographed. (
* Hot topic? Americans are split on the Oxford comma. (
* “Bullying” Brian Tierney demands bigger numbers from – even if it means counting each photo in a 20-page photo gallery as a separate page view. (You really want this guy as chairman of your foundation, Poynter?)
( | (
* “I think mostly everybody, except sociopaths, cares about cute animals,” says BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith, “and most people want to know what’s going on in the world.” (
* News organizations are the new j-schools. ( | Gawker Media’s first “Recruits” class graduates. (
* Erin Burnett confesses that she was at one time “essentially a Willow Bay stalker.” (
* Washington Post’s Dana Milbank on Politico’s Dylan Byers: He “swallowed the Heritage spin — hook, line and sinker.” ( | “Nice effort, @Milbank.” (@DylanByers)
* Journalists who cover federal health care agencies complain that they’ve been stonewalled, barred from talking to health agency staffers or required to submit questions in writing. (
* Eric Cantor should consider a talk-radio job, says Tim Noah. (
* Retired print editor Jack Limpert writes after reading Clay Shirky‘s latest: “Print is under pressure but it does have a real business model, one that brings in real revenues.” ( | “Fuck you, Clay.” (@ryanchittum)
candy* News consumers claim they want vegetables, but the truth is they really prefer candy. (
* The funniest college press headlines of the year. (
* Former Boston Globe and GateHouse exec Rick Daniels joins Providence startup GoLocal24. (