Chicago Tribune’s Blair Kamin is now a member of Donald Trump’s ‘Lightweight Club’

The name-calling: Trump calls Pulitzer-winning Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin “a lightweight.”

The error: “In his op-ed, Trump says I never brought up the Tribune Tower sign,” Kamin writes in an email. “That is inaccurate. From my June 5 story about the sign:

The big letters [of Trump’s sign] loom over the beaux arts Michigan Avenue Bridge and the great skyscrapers, from the wedding cake of the Wrigley Building to the corncobs of Marina City, that are visible from the span. To be sure, the nearby Tribune Tower has a prominently displayed sign, but it’s on an attached structure, not the neo-Gothic skyscraper itself. The Trump sign, by comparison, is a poke in the eye.

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