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How many people called or emailed editorial page editor Tony Messenger? He tells Romenesko readers:

I know I have in the range of 250 emails and I’ve gone through about 40 voice mails and have a bunch more now.

The numbers are overwhelmingly in favor [of getting rid of George Will]. First day was probably 80-20 in favor of our decision. More like 99 percent of women. Since then, I went on Hugh Hewitt’s conservative talk radio show, and now his listeners are weighing in.

Of emails forwarded to me that came to the company via customer service or other editors, nearly all favored the decision.

There are some who opposed it who tell me they’ve canceled their subscriptions. Probably a handful.

The thing I will never forget about this episode is talking to real women, with real names, telling me on their own that they are rape victims, and thanking me for standing up for them. That might be overstating what we did, but the intensity of their words and reaction to the decision reinforced in my mind that we did the right thing. These women were not the “rabble” from the Internet as Mr. Will seemed to indicate in an interview on CSPAN. They were very real and their hurt from his column was, too.

Will says of the Post-Dispatch: “They know how to propitiate the rabble. …These [brouhahas] are like summer storms. They dissipate fast.”

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You know that a woman with six nicknames, including “Big Blonde Tiger,” is going to have an interesting send-off.obit2 Some lines from mom and teacher Kerry Lou Ketchum King’s death notice on

* Kerry Lou Ketchum King, aka Mama Bear, Ms. King, Mom, Big Blonde Tiger, Helga, and Speak No Evil, shuffled off this mortal coil June 17 at 4:20 a.m. in her sleep. One can only assume late-night TV literally bored her to death.”
* She is survived by … one slightly brain-addled Chocolate Lab, Hershey, countless brilliant friends and two Jeep Grand Cherokees that will most likely survive the nuclear holocaust along with cockroaches and Keith Richards.”
* “Her great joy came from impacting the lives of students who needed someone to stand in their corner and whisper, ‘you can do this’ when others told them otherwise.”
* “A celebration of a life well-lived and hefting a defiant middle finger to a cancer that insists on trying to steal joy will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday.”
* “A colorful dress code would be appreciated as black was not her color.”

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Last fall, new Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp told his editors that they’d be reporting to the business side rather than to the editor-in-chief – a move that Ad Age said “sent a ripple of anxiety” through the company’s editorial offices.

Bloomberg TV asked Ripp this morning how editors are dealing with that change. “Frankly, I think they are happier,” he said.

They are more excited about it because no longer are we asking ourselves the question are we violating church and state,TIMEINC whatever that was. We are now asking ourselves the question are we violating the trust with our consumers? We’re never going to do that. But within the framework of that, my editors have much more freedom to think about how I can delight my consumers, how I can work with advertisers, how I can think through the problems.

Bloomberg TV: The media are analysts who follow you love to panic when they see layoffs or budget cuts.

Some people have said to me how can you talk about investing at the same time you’re talking about layoffs? And the reality is they’re two — they go hand-in-hand. Because what we’ve got to stop doing is investing in the things that go to the past and start investing in the things that go to the future.

That means sometimes we’re spending money on things we don’t need to spend on. Now I have got multiple kitchens in the city of New York. I don’t need that. We have multiple organizations cooking and developing recipes for us. We don’t need to do those things.

There’s lots of ways for us to save money on the things we are spending on so we can generate the resources to invest in our future. And that’s what we’re doing. The two actually go very well hand in hand.

Transcript provided by Bloomberg TV

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Some of the comments below the tweet: “And this is why the credibility of news media is at an all time low.” * “I love his eyes and lips. I know he’s a criminal, but he needs a modeling contract. OMG!!” * “@USATODAY is the new @tmz It appears.” * “Ignoring the fact he’s a criminal because he’s hot? What a fantastic example you’re setting for America. #FacePalm.”

* Commenter: “Shame on you and your tabloid journalism” (@usatoday)

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