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“How can a mug shot released to everyone by police be a ‘TMZ exclusive mug shot?'” asks a Romenesko reader. I called Hartford Police Department Public Information Officer Brian J. Foley and he said nobody has an exclusive on the police photo of WWE wrestler “Emma,” who is accused of stealing from Wal-Mart. Foley said he’s sent out photos of the WWE “diva” to dozens of media outlets.

Foley’s email to news organizations is after the jump. Read More

On June 2, Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory announced that Tom Farragher was stepping down as Spotlight team editor to work on “high impact enterprise stories.”
McGrory now tells his staff: “Never mind.”

“Sometimes great ideas overtake very good ones, and this is one of those times. Upon further consideration, I’ve asked Tom to become a new Metro columnist for the Globe, a job for which he is uniquely and ideally equipped.”

From: McGrory, Brian
Date: Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 12:08 PM
Subject: Tom Farragher, Part 2

It was in early June when I shared the news that Tom Farragher had chosen to leave his coveted perch as editor of Spotlight after an extraordinary eight year run. At the time, I said he’d be returning to the Metro operation to write high impact enterprise stories, play a significant role in major news events, and report his own projects. I believe I might have said that the future of the Globe, if not all of journalism, pretty much hinged on Tom successfully performing this critical new assignment.

So there’s really no way to say this delicately: Never mind./CONTINUES Read More

Attorney Jack Wagoner III, who is fighting for same-sex marriage in Arkansas, was featured on the cover of the June 26 Arkansas Times. David Koon writes in his profile:


His outspoken zeal for the issue of gay marriage springs from a belief he’s had since he was in college: The reason the Constitution exists is to protect the minority from the whims of the majority. Mixed in with that, however, is a heaping spoonful of something else that drives him: He just doesn’t like the majority all that much, especially when they’re waving around a Bible.

Someone apparently doesn’t like Wagoner, either. The lawyer reports he found a dead rat on the Arkansas Times cover next to his car in his parking lot. “Police were notified,” he writes. “If anyone has any information on this please notify me. The police will charge the perpetrator with criminal mischief if they find him/her.” He adds: “The rat had serious rigor mortis. So I kinda think they found him dead rather than killed him just for this purpose.”

I’ve asked Wagoner for an update on the rat incident.

A friend did it?
Arkansas Times senior editor Max Brantley writes in an email: “That’s been the only reaction [to the story] of which I’m aware. I’ve been talking to Jack about it. I hope – and it’s not totally outside the realm of possibility – that one of his pals with an extremely sick sense of humor is behind it. The alternative – a sicko stalking Jack – isn’t pleasant to contemplate.

“We get a fair amount of vitriol on Facebook whenever we write about sexual orientation issues, which is often. A small number of people down here feel VERY strongly and profanely about the issue.”

* Jack Wagoner fights for equality ( | Wagoner’s post and comments (

“Bart had no comment, though,” writes ACES (American Copy Editors Society) vice president David Sullivan. “Why copy editors need to worry about hyphens.”

- Wednesday's Burlington County Times

– Wednesday’s Burlington County Times

* My Facebook friends/subscribers write: “D’oh” (or variations of it)

Former Digital First Media employee Myra Bronstein’s letter to CEO John Paton:

Bronstein, who resigned last month, has not received a response from Paton.

* Digital First accused of dumping employees, lying about plans (

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* Mark Katches leaves The Center for Investigative Reporting to become editor of The Oregonian. “His track record of leading teams to produce information of substance that serves readers and communities is extensive,” says the Advance newspaper’s publisher. ( | (@markkatches)
* Brian Greenspun is now sole owner of the Las Vegas Sun. The paper, he says, is “here to stay and here to thrive.” (
carol* Fortune magazine legend and Warren Buffett pal Carol Loomis (left) is retiring. (She just turned 85.) (
* Barbara Walters‘ interview with Elliot Rodger‘s dad was ABC’s most-watched show last week. (
* J-school dean and ex-editor David Boardman: “I think ultimately [newspapers in] most cities are probably looking at a model that would have one, very very strong, last-you-all-week printed paper, probably printed on Saturday or Sunday, and then high-quality digital products during the week.” (
* “The only way to deal with trolls is to let them embarrass themselves,” says Tom Goldstein, who responded to the dumb tweets blasting SCOTUSblog for the Hobby Lobby decision. (
* Bloomberg TV’s new Heilemann-Halperin-hosted politics show will be “much closer to ‘Pardon the Interruption’ on ESPN than ‘Meet the Press.'” (
* An influential gospel music blog steals from the Chicago Tribune. (
* A longtime Washington Post reader likes what Jeff Bezos and Marty Baron are doing with the paper. (
* Recently launched 120 Sports is adding a live morning show. (
sein* ArtsGreensboro is paying the News & Record $15,000 to get expanded arts coverage – “a meaningful but relatively modest sum,” writes Corey Hutchins. (
* Noted: “Seinfeld” debuted 25 years ago this week. (
* Too much internal chatter at Gawker, says editor Max Read. “It should appear on our website.” (
* A data scientist examines BuzzFeed’s content: “I observed a statistically significant difference in the performance of odd-length BuzzFeed listicles versus even ones.” (
* Dave Cassel: My reviews of 500 children’s picture books ($1,700 pocketed) disappear when Helium closes its site. (
* Memo: Someone was bleeding on the KPFK radio copy machine. (