Too much cleavage for ‘CBS Sunday Morning’? (Or did the author submit an altered photo?)

After hearing about the death of Louis Zamperini, a Romenesko reader rewatched the “CBS Sunday Morning” segment about the Olympian and World War II P.O.W. “Towards the end of the piece there is a picture of Louie and [biographer] Laura Hillenbrand sitting together,” writes my tipster. “Hillenbrand just ran the same picture on her Facebook page. Did CBS do something to the picture or did Hillenbrand and her people send the picture to CBS altered?” (I’ve asked.) The tipster points out the photo-doctoring (right photo) at the 8:40 mark in the video. [Update: A reader points out that the altered photo has appeared in other places, which leads me to believe that the author’s reps did the Photoshopping.]

* Video: A war hero’s unbroken bond with his biographer (

* Update: “Wonderful writer in any neckline,” and other comments (