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Bloomsburg University student Jacob (“Jake”) Close, 25, gave his opinion about the Redskins name controversy to the Bloomsburg (PA) Press Enterprise on June 30. (“I think they should keep the same name, but change the mascot to a potato,” he said.) Close agreed to be photographed for the paper’s feature, which I’m guessing he now regrets.

The Mass Comm student was wanted by Ithaca police for bail jumping in a years-old drug/DUI-related case. “Campus police had been looking for Close for more than a month after being notified by Ithaca City Police in late May,” the Press Enterprise reports. A campus cop saw Close’s picture in the “Your Opinion” column last Monday and staked out the student’s blue Honda. The officer got his man on Sunday afternoon.

* Fugitive caught after posing for newspaper photo (AP via
* Fugitive nabbed after posing for “Your Opinion” feature ( req.)

– h/t Eric Ebeling

The wife of a popular Kingsport, Tenn., veterinarian recently died from injuries suffered in a traffic accident. The vet was charged with misdemeanor second-degree vehicular homicide and failure to yield in connection with the crash – and that angered many locals who blasted the Kingsport Times-News for simply reporting that news.

Some reader comments:
* “I am still in shock that Times News decided to run this story 2 hours before visitation.”
* “I’m calling Kingsport Times News out to publicly apologize for the complete disrespect of this family!”
* “If the Kingsport Times News were a car they’d be an AMC Pacer”
* “boycott times news and police”

There was one voice of reason, though, who told the angry Facebook commenters: “Y’all can’t get mad at the newspaper for doing their job. … It’s sad and unfortunate that this happened, yes. I don’t deny that. But you can’t take it out on the newspapers.”

I asked Times-News reporter Wes Bunch about the reaction to his story, and he wrote:

We get some objections here and there based on a particular story, but I’ve been reporting here since 2008 and this is the first reaction like this I’ve seen an article get (and that includes reporting on a couple of local pastors/priests charged with sex-related crimes).



My editors got several phone calls last week, and I had a few voicemails from angry readers. Most of the backlash I received was through comments on the story and social media, email (someone said my mom should be ashamed of my insensitivity or something like that) and on my work Facebook page.

I definitely expected people to express some outrage over Mr. Straley being charged in Georgia, I just didn’t expect a lot of it to be directed at the paper’s coverage.

* Kingsport veterinarian charged after crash kills wife (
* Facebook commenters blast the paper for covering the crash and charges (

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After getting hammered by followers (“Can’t imagine that you’ll be getting ANY kind of collaborative responses following that crappy tweet”), the NPR education blogger tweeted:

* Read the responses to the “Only the white guys…” tweet (@npr_ed)

Speaking of NPR … the radio network is looking for a new ombudsman who has a “diplomatic style that will earn the respect and trust of the public and the NPR staff and other NPR managers.”

“On July 2, we were prepared to strike,” says the Village Voice union. “On July 3, after a flood of press that was extremely sympathetic to us, management had a change of heart and offered us a contract that we can live with.”

The new three-year deal includes an immediate $25/week raises, with additional raises in 2015 and 2016; reprint fees when staffers’ work appears in other Voice Media Group papers; and payment of childcare expenses for all staffers with at least a year of service.

“Oh also, because we know you’re going to ask: there will be no improvement to our damn coffee. We’ll drop it. For now.” (Reporters were going to ask because the union made that an issue. @newsroomcoffee has reacted to the news.)

The union’s release is after the jump. Read More

* Bill Keller on the Jill Abramson saga at the Times: “It made me sad to see the place going through that kind of storm. It’s not great for morale — I know from having been through a few storms myself. But it is a big ship and it’s not going to be turned off course by a storm.” (
simon * David Simon (right) blasts the Huffington Post for reporting that he was fired from the Baltimore Sun for an ethical breach. “There was no ethical breach,” he writes. “I was not fired at all.” ( | “The author apologizes to Mr. Simon for the error.” (
* J-school enrollments are dropping. (
* Twitter expects to report revenue of $1.25 billion in revenue in 2014 – about twice its 2013 figure. Still, the company expects a net loss. (
* Tampa Tribune tells columnist Steve Otto that it’s time to leave. “I was probably going to retire anyhow as I’m getting old and tired and decrepit,” he says. (
* Sports site ChicagoSide goes dark after being sold by Jonathan Eig. (
* The most honest death notice you’ll read today: “He died without pain the next evening… Turns out, his timing was impeccable: the next day we found out that he had been racking up ominous bank and credit card debts.” (
* New York Police Department’s Facebook page has posts that read like newspaper articles. (
* A community college paper’s interview with a student about a campus shooting is interrupted when the guy is arrested. “He looked nervous” while being interviewed, says the editor. (
* Bill Steigerwald: Give the late Richard Scaife great credit for making Pittsburgh a competitive two-newspaper town. (
* Washington Post staffers do the Elaine dance. Julia Louis-Dreyfus calls it “hilarious & sad & sweet & awful.” (
* New York Daily News photo editor Kevin Macdonald runs home between editions to propose. (
* Detroit Free Press sponsored post looks like a real news story. (
* Actor Seth Rogen has a beef with Boston Herald TV critic Mark Perigard. (@SethRogen) | (@MarkPerigard)
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* “Pretty sure this is the first time I’ve seen ‘clusterfrig’ in a headline (or anywhere else).” (@sladurantaye)