A 1976 Chicago Daily News article foresees ‘electronic newspapers’


Dennis Sodomka continues: “You won’t have to wait for the nightly television newscast or for the delivery of your paper to get the latest news. It will all be at your fingertips whenever you want it.

“This may sound like a futuristic vision straight out of Star Trek, and most of it, indeed, may be several decades away. But most of the technology is available right now for a totally electronic newspaper.”

Mark Walsh, who sent this clip, writes in an email:

The Wall Street Journal’s anniversary section yesterday, with its predictions for various fields, reminded me that buried in a closet somewhere that I had a 100th anniversary edition of the Chicago Daily News from 1976 that had an article foreseeing “electronic newspapers.”

I mention it in briefly in my Education and the Media blog for Education Week. That item is primarily about a discussion in the Daily News’ 1976 edition about the future of the Chicago public schools. But as I said in the item, even for my education audience I couldn’t resist mentioning the electronic newspaper prediction.

* Chicago Daily News and its anniversary predictions for education (edweek.org)