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Rogers Cadenhead writes of his wife, investigative reporter M.C. Moewe:

“Around a decade ago she was assigned to cover a story on how family courts were putting kids with a parent accused of abuse and denying all custody to the parent who alleged abuse — even when credible evidence and experts raised alarms.spi The story has been accepted for publication twice and then killed right before it saw print. [Moewe used her reporting for a series of recent Daily Kos posts on the family courts system.]

“Her experience raises a question I thought you might find worth posing to journalists in your audience: What did you do after a big story you wrote got spiked?”

Here are the responses from my Facebook friends and subscribers. Please post your story here or on my Facebook wall.

* M.C. Moewe and the story that got away (

* NPR has second thoughts about “downgrading” the ombudsman position. (
* The Jill Abramson Media Tour continues. Here’s video from her Wednesday evening chat with Greta Van Susteren.
* Brian Stelter on why Rupert Murdoch wants Time Warner. (One reason is sports rights.) (
* Simon Dumenco: “Rupert Murdoch wants Time Warner. Ergo, it will be his.” ( | “It’s always hard to hold Murdoch back.” (
* From 2007: Media pundits predict what Murdoch will do to the Wall Street Journal. (
* Thomson Reuters is offering $20,000 for help improving its flagship desktop data terminal. (
* Instagram launched four years ago today. (
* St. Tammany DA Walter Reed calls Louisiana journalists “whores and prostitutes.” (
* Detroit Free Press ends its high school apprentice program after 29 years. (
* WRAL-TV’s Twitter bot tracks Wikipedia edits from the North Carolina legislature’s computer network. (
* Huh? The Free Press Facebook page uses a photo of Cleveland’s skyline for a Detroit bankruptcy story. (@CMaldonadoLens)
* Ernesto Londono leaves the Washington Post to join New York Times’ editorial board. “I will write about foreign affairs,” he tells Facebook friends. “I’m deeply sad to leave the Washington Post, where I’ve had extraordinary opportunities and learned from some of the best journalists in the world.” (
* Pulitzer-winner Amy Ellis Nutt quits the Star-Ledger to join the Washington Post. (
* Forty years ago today Richard Nixon called Watergate “the broadest but thinnest scandal in American history.” (@JohnWDean)
* What are BuzzFeed’s “new editorial standards”? asks J.K. Trotter. (
hbo* How to get HBO without a cable TV subscription. (
* A tech company’s rise is a pain in the A for the publisher of Seattle Business. (
* Here are the lyrics to Al Yankovich‘s “Word Crimes”: (


* “This journalist’s ‘About Me’ blurb is pretty funny” (@eberestini) | (
* June 25: Des Bieler goes from the Presentation Desk to Sports (

* Has he lost his password? Or just busy pursuing Time Warner? ( | @rupertmurdoch | His chief of staff is still tweeting (@nravitz)

Syndicated cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz has been referring to Murrieta, CA, as “Hate City,” which angers the community’s PR man. He’s threatening to sue Alcaraz.

The PR man (left) and the cartoonisttryagain
* Cartoonist Alcaraz on Facebook | PR man Hermosillo on Facebook
* Murrieta mayor: “We have a national problem at our doorstep” (

* BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti: “Copying BuzzFeed in general is not a good strategyā€¯ for other news outlets. (
* Rupert Murdoch is really after HBO? (“The only Netflix fighter left.”) ( | (Bloomberg TV/Note: AUTO-PLAY) || “An acquisition of Time Warner might be a capstone to his long career.” ( | He’s wanted it for 30 years. (@davidfolkenflik)badseed
* Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes lied about Fox trying to buy his company. (
* Netflix has stopped mailing DVDs on Saturdays. (
* At right: “Score one for the @NYPost.” (@nycjim) | (
* Tech journalists “need to grow up, and move beyond covering the minutiae of an industry that treats the journalists that report on it like puppets.” (
* FAIR study: “The most and least diverse shows in terms of ethnicity were both on MSNBC: People of color were 27% of guests on All In and only 6% on Maddow.” (
* Amazon is still America’s favorite brand. (
* New Jersey TV reporter Sean Bergin quits after being suspended for blaming anti-cop mentality on “young black men growing up without fathers.” (
* Praise for a Washington Post intern’s story about the “Lion of Fallujah.” (@mattapuzzo) | (@cjciaramella)
* Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) explains its code of ethics changes. (@spj_tweets)
* Russ Kendall on his move from photojournalism to pizza-making. (
* Arkansas Democrat-Gazette sportswriter Bob Holt is king of the follow-up question. “If [the answer is] not what he wanted, he’ll ask [the question] three or four different ways.” (
* A collector gets one of Tom Hanks‘ typewriters. (
jill* Jill Abramson is suddenly everywhere. ( | At left: An Instagram photo posted Tuesday by the former Times executive editor’s daughter. (
* “Really, I’m trying to retire,” says Tampa Bay Times veteran Lucy Morgan. (
* Gasp! Vanity Fair added some fuzz to coverboy Prince William‘s head. (
* Another gasp: A CBS News tweet refers to Derek Jeter as Michael. ( | The correction got 742 retweets. (@cbsnews)