Everyone’s a fashion critic: TV viewer criticizes meteorologist’s ‘high bodice dresses’

Julya Johnson of Knoxville’s WATE writes on Facebook after receiving this wardrobe criticism from an elderly viewer: “I will never, ever be able to please everyone with my appearance. It’s not possible. I have tried for 12 years on-air to do that. I have ‘changed my appearance’ to try to please people before. It never works. So, I please myself. I like my dresses. I feel good about my appearance.” | What “fashion tips” have you received from viewers, TV journalists? Tell us in comments, or send me an email.
Hello Julia [sic], You are a great meterologist [sic]! I am at [sic] elderly person who depends on WATE 6 News for my daily news and weather – my daily beginnings – I watch this news from 2 a.m. – thru the day. I observed every one gets great compliments about their job, How they give great forecast [sic]. There are not any compliments about you! Why? Please change your appearance!! Those high Bodice dresses are Not (for) you. Do you Have any dress or dresses that don’t fit snugly under your (Bust)? Please! You are Beautiful – But you need a change. Please don’t feel like I’m putting you down. Allow me to apologize. This letter is meant for the beautiful lady you are. Go forward (Be happy!)

* Julya Johnson: “It’s not fun to wake up to things like this” (facebook.com)