Morning Report for July 31, 2014

Woodward and Bernstein at the Washington Post on Wednesday

- via @JoshWhiteTWP

– via @JoshWhiteTWP

* A “very, very cool moment at the Washington Post. (@JoshWhiteTWP)
* “I’ve never seen a crowd at The Post like the one lined up for this evening’s Woodward and Bernstein talk on Watergate.” (@RonCharles)
* A new BuzzFeed app will showcase its serious news stories. Building it is “going to be one of the most fun jobs in journalism,” says editor-in-chief Ben Smith. (
* Remember Rupert Murdoch‘s The Daily? It sounds like he’s taking another shot at the concept. (
* “I don’t like [Gawker’s] feuding or sniping at Buzzfeed,” says Gawker editorial director Joel Johnson.
* Explainers? The Post has had them for quite a long time, says executive editor Marty Baron. (
* The New York Times says Carol Vogel‘s July 25 “Inside Art” column “improperly used specific language and details from a Wikipedia article without attribution; it should not have been published in that form.” (
* Jon Stewart tackles clickbait journalism, and The Michigan Daily ends up looking pretty good. (
* The Newspaper Guild’s Heywood Broun Award goes to the Center for Public Integrity and ABC News for their Black Lung series. (
* Captain Janks, who regularly makes prank calls to TV anchors during major news events, says:homophones “All I’m doing is ruining their sensational moment with my sensational moment.” (
* A Utah language school has fired an employee over a blog post on homophones. “Now our school is going to be associated with homosexuality,” the staffer says he was told. (
* Andrew Mason says his biggest mistake at Groupon was going public. (
* The Believer, a magazine published by Dave Eggers‘ McSweeney’s, is cutting its publication schedule. (
* Blogger Charles C. Johnston threatens to sue the Clarion-Ledger’s Sam Hall for libel. (
* In an SEC filing, GateHouse Media discloses planned cuts at the Providence Journal. (