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I asked Salt Lake Tribune columnist Paul Rolly about the reaction to his column on the firing of a language center employee for blogging about homophones. He replied:

I’ve had close to 1,000 comments on my column, mostly from readers disgusted by [the language center’s] action. I haven’t heard any feedback from Nomen [Global Language Center].homo I would guess the owner was satisfied with the way I quoted him and probably they would just like the issue to go away.

I did hear from Tim Torkildson [the fired social media specialist] who suggested I talk to other language centers to see what they think. He obviously is hoping for a follow up. I’m just going to let it lie for now.

Torkildson writes on his blog today that many people are urging him to sue for wrongful termination. “Ain’t gonna happen,” he says. “The only thing I hate more than one lawyer is two lawyers.”

His favorite story about the brouhaha so far is Zach Schonfeld’s in Newsweek, headlined “Education Blogger Fired for Writing about Homophones and Confusing Homophobes.”

* Blogger fired from language school over “homophonia” (
* “This week I was fired for writing a blog about homophones” (
* “Today I am an unemployed celebrity. Go figure” (


People are calling law enforcement about the outage, too? Sheesh!

* Today’s Facebook outage was “Breaking News” on WNBC (


While recovering from back surgery this summer, John Kroll compiled his list of “100 books that every journalist must read.” He writes in an email:

There are many other lists out there like it, but mine’s different for two reasons. One, it’s more thorough — every book has an explanation from me for its inclusion, a link and quote from an outside review, and an excerpt from the book. Two, it’s more diverse — print, broadcast and online; U.S. and foreign media; women’s and minority issues.

Has Kroll missed any books? What are your must-reads? Let us know in comments, or send me an email if you can’t post via Facebook.

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* Update: Suggestions from my Facebook friends and subscribers

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This headline about the water cleanup at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion deserved a byline, tweets Chris Dufresne. His colleague Henry Fuhrmann replies: “Mark Geers of our crew did the honors.”

* Workers use squeegees on flood waters at UCLA (

* Renee Montagne is stepping away from NPR’s “Morning Edition” for three months. She tells listeners: “This is the tenth year that Steve [Inskeep]npr and I have been hosting ‘Morning Edition’ – a full decade of coming to work at midnight – and to celebrate I’m taking a sabbatical for the next couple of months. You can call it a very long vacation, but I’ll be back refreshed for the fall election.” ( | NPR’s “Tell Me More” signs off today. (
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* Some j-schools have statehouse bureaus staffed by students. (
* PSA: Fusion is livestreaming Lollapalooza. (
* Chicago Tribune’s revamped website features endless scrolling and a mobile-first design. (
* ARTNews hires another New York Observer arts staffer. (
* Washington Post’s first-ever fully illustrated interview is with filmmaker Richard Linklater. (
* Journal Communications CEO Steve Smith is eligible for an $8.7 million golden parachute. (
* Los Angeles Times now has one senior editor overseeing both the foreign and national desk. (
* Salon doubles its office space and touts revenue growth. (