Morning Report for August 1, 2014

* Renee Montagne is stepping away from NPR’s “Morning Edition” for three months. She tells listeners: “This is the tenth year that Steve [Inskeep]npr and I have been hosting ‘Morning Edition’ – a full decade of coming to work at midnight – and to celebrate I’m taking a sabbatical for the next couple of months. You can call it a very long vacation, but I’ll be back refreshed for the fall election.” ( | NPR’s “Tell Me More” signs off today. (
* An unnamed veteran magazine editor complains that “it’s impossible for this all to be the job of one person” these days. (
* Jay Rosen questions AP’s decision to revise its “Congress fall over each other to support Israel” tweet. (
* James Fallows on Atlantic colleague David Frum‘s “major journalistic error”: (
* Veteran Idaho Statesman political reporter Dan Popkey surprises everyone by joining U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador‘s team. (
* A jury sides with Gannett and the Louisville Courier-Journal in an age discrimination suit. ( | (
* Some j-schools have statehouse bureaus staffed by students. (
* PSA: Fusion is livestreaming Lollapalooza. (
* Chicago Tribune’s revamped website features endless scrolling and a mobile-first design. (
* ARTNews hires another New York Observer arts staffer. (
* Washington Post’s first-ever fully illustrated interview is with filmmaker Richard Linklater. (
* Journal Communications CEO Steve Smith is eligible for an $8.7 million golden parachute. (
* Los Angeles Times now has one senior editor overseeing both the foreign and national desk. (
* Salon doubles its office space and touts revenue growth. (