Salt Lake Tribune writer gets nearly 1,000 comments about his ‘homophone’ column

I asked Salt Lake Tribune columnist Paul Rolly about the reaction to his column on the firing of a language center employee for blogging about homophones. He replied:

I’ve had close to 1,000 comments on my column, mostly from readers disgusted by [the language center’s] action. I haven’t heard any feedback from Nomen [Global Language Center].homo I would guess the owner was satisfied with the way I quoted him and probably they would just like the issue to go away.

I did hear from Tim Torkildson [the fired social media specialist] who suggested I talk to other language centers to see what they think. He obviously is hoping for a follow up. I’m just going to let it lie for now.

Torkildson writes on his blog today that many people are urging him to sue for wrongful termination. “Ain’t gonna happen,” he says. “The only thing I hate more than one lawyer is two lawyers.”

His favorite story about the brouhaha so far is Zach Schonfeld’s in Newsweek, headlined “Education Blogger Fired for Writing about Homophones and Confusing Homophobes.”

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* “This week I was fired for writing a blog about homophones” (
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