Daily Archives: August 2, 2014

* During football season, the New Orleans Times-Picayune will print Saturday and Monday home-delivered bonus editions. “We are expanding our print coverage to meet the heightenedtimes reader intensity and to serve our advertisers,” says a note to readers. ( | Is this a retreat or rebound? (
* Toledo Blade deputy editorial page editor: “I’m loyal to anyone who pays me. But am I embarrassed that The Blade is sponsoring a guy who called Native Americans ‘unclean vermin’ and America’s first black president a ‘subhuman mongrel?’ Hell, yeah.” (
* Letting readers upload digital content is seen as a trend that’s “unstoppable and full of risks.” (
* Los Angeles Times film critic Kenneth Turan is a “Boyhood” contrarian. (
* “The Best American Sports Writing 2014” selections have been announced, and there’s nothing from Sports Illustrated. (@jfdulac)
* War correspondent Jim Frederick is dead of a heart attack at 42. “That’s just … not fair,” writes friend Ken Kurson. “It’s not right.” (
* The Boston Globe is offering buyouts to some staffers, but emphasizes that it’s not a cost-cutting move. (
* The new local owners of Louisville’s LEO Weekly hand out pink slips. (
* The “All Things Considered” crew says goodbye to NPR news boss Margaret Low Smith, who is headed to AtlanticLive. (