Evening Report for August 4, 2014

* Ken Doctor has five questions about Tribune Publishing, and wonders if Gannett will be the next to spin off its newspapers. (niemanlab.org) | (niemanlab.org)
* Report: Gannett’s buying out the other companies that own Cars.com for $1.8 billion. (bloomberg.com)
speed* Auto writer Patrick George spends three days in jail after driving a little too fast. “I’m writing this piece because at Jalopnik we believe in being transparent and owning up to our mistakes.” (jalopnik.com)
* How NPR handles story-removal requests. (npr.org)
* Mike Nizza quits Esquire to edit Bloomberg’s politics site. (capitalnewyork.com)
* Louisville’s LEO Weekly is without an editorial staff after its last two writers walk out. (insiderlouisville.com)
* Petition-signers write “eloquent and moving” comments about James Risen. (cjr.org)
* Marijuana legalization would boost media stocks higher. (usatoday.com)