Morning Report for August 4, 2014

* Miami Herald’s Carol Rosenberg on covering Gitmo: “One of the most challenging, at times frustrating, rarely boring, and bedrock fundamentally important beats in American journalism.” (
brian* Brian Williams is trying too hard to be funny. (
* Williams reports his daughter’s “Peter Pan” gig. “We didn’t think he’d go there,” says an NBC official. (
* James Surowiecki: “The [Time Warner] deal makes a lot more strategic sense than many of Murdoch’s previous ones.” (
* Finally, some praise for journalism education: (
* The University of Texas at Austin is making some students pay to access its “first-class network.” (
* Gordon Crovitz: “Granting bureaucrats control over the Internet would undermine the world’s greatest engine of innovation.” (
* John Strubel: “Sometimes being first is a liability.” (Six typos in five sentences of a USA Today story.) (
* David Carr travels to Rio de Janeiro to interview Glenn Greenwald, who says: ““No one, not The New York Times, no one, is entitled to an audience. The ability to thrive is directly dependent upon your ability to convince people that you’re providing something valuable and unique.” (
* What Carr’s Boston University class is about: (
* Jay Mathews calls B.S. on New Republic’s Ivy League schools piece. (
* Tribune Publishing debuts on the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday under the symbol TPUB. ( | (
* Deadspin, we have a problem. (
* NBC’s David Gregory headed to CNN? (
* New Orleans Advocate reacts to rival Times-Picayune’s “bonus” print editions announcement: (@PKovacs7)
* NPR’s Scott Simon has a bad experience on United. (Join the club!) (@nprscottsimon) | More tweets about the flight on @nprscottsimon.