Yes, this police blotter item is B.S.

- From Dan's Papers

– From Dan’s Papers

This Dan’s Papers police blotter item was all over social media yesterday, and followed up today with another fake piece about the “chaos” caused by this “crime.” Newsweek’s Zach Schonfeld points out:

There is no such “reality TV star” named Sergio Eisalat. The blurb bears no mention of the TV show he stars in, a Google search for his name brings up no results older than yesterday, and German journalist Ralph Pfister notes on Twitter that “Eisalat” is a literal German translation of “egg salad.” Then there’s the fact that the story is suspiciously similar to Woody Allen’s 1966 comedy What’s Up, Tiger Lily?, in which a secret agent is hired to hunt down the stolen “world’s greatest egg salad recipe.”

The receptionist at Dan’s Papers says editorial director Eric Feil isn’t taking calls because today is production day and he’s too busy. Sure.

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