Sonny Rollins: I got very upset about The New Yorker’s satirical piece about me

- Sonny Rollins reacting to  New Yorker's satirical piece

– Sonny Rollins reacting to New Yorker’s satirical piece

What Sonny Rollins says about The New Yorker’s “Sonny Rollins: In His Own Words”:

My reaction to the New Yorker piece was that it was a piece from Mad magazine. I saw it, I read it, cursory glanced at it, and it was so ridiculous I had no idea that anybody could conceive of it being true. It was sort of like from Mad magazine, and as I said I’m a big Mad magazine fan. I’m a subscriber of many years. …

Rollins added that the article “hurt me” because some young musicians thought those were his words in the New Yorker. “Never mind me, they’re saying some very, very insulting things about jazz, very derogatory things about jazz … the way it sounds, the way it’s played. …I can’t even repeat and read the article now. Can’t take it.”

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