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Remember this recent post about a Craigslist ad?rich3
“I’m not a novelist, but I could give it a try,” writes the San Francisco Chronicle’s Jon Carroll. “Please send check directly to my trust.”

* Jon Carroll: Support for an underserved community (
* Ad seeks a blogger who understands the rich (

Editor of Gannett’s Tennessean writes on August 5, 2014:

My post from November 3, 2006:

I say “the newsroom of the future” should have an espresso bar.

* Tennessean unveils bold new newsroom structure (
* Gannett CEO in 2006: “The Information Center, frankly, is the newsroom of the future” (Gannett Blog)

Update: Some snark from my Facebook friends
– h/t Michelle Leder

Miami Herald film critic Rene Rodriguez and others recently received an invitation to review the upcoming Christian film, “Believe Me,” and get paid a dime when readers click to the movie’s home page.

After my post went up on Tuesday, the makers of “Believe Me” said their email was intended for bloggers – not mainstream film critics. Producer Alex Carroll told me he sent this follow-up to journalists:

I would like to apologize for any confusion generated from our previous email pertaining to BELIEVE ME and your publication.

That email was not supposed to be sent to you, it was supposed to be sent to blogs and publications that accept sponsored posts and content. newbelieve Compromising your journalism and media ethics was not our intention. We work with many publications that accept sponsored content, but we completely understand if using our marketing link in your work goes against your publication’s standards.

Please feel free to write about our film without participating in our promotional offer. If you have any questions or concerns, I’d be happy to discuss our vision in further detail with you.

Thanks so much for your time.

* Earlier: “We want to pay you to write about the upcoming release of ‘Believe Me'” (

A.G. Sulzberger, senior editor for strategy at the New York Times, sent this memo to colleagues this afternoon:

Introducing the Newsroom Strategy Team

I’m excited to announce that Tyson Evans, a deputy editor of Interactive News, and Jonathan Galinsky, a manager with Strategy & Development, will be joining the newly formed newsroom strategy team. Tyson and Jon will be perfect partners to launch this effort,times which will focus on working with the masthead to identify, develop and prioritize digital initiatives, implementing some of the recommendations in the Innovation Report, and collaborating with colleagues throughout the building to ensure we’re keeping pace with the fast-changing needs and habits of our readers.

As his many fans around the newsroom can attest, Tyson combines a sharp journalism mind with a deep fluency in technology and systems. During his five years on Interactive News, he has made countless contributions to our coverage of major events and stories, including three Olympic games, Hurricane Sandy and investigative series like Toxic Waters, while helping grow our team of newsroom developers into an industry-leading operation. He previously worked at The Las Vegas Sun and The Los Angeles Times and is an adjunct professor at Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism./CONTINUES Read More

- Gannett investors like the spinoff

– Gannett investors like the spinoff

A journalist in Ohio writes: “My friend in newsroom in Cincy says Enqy will be like Tennessean – everyone has to apply for their job amid the ‘redesign’ of newsroom.”

The Enquirer is breaking that news in four newsroom meetings today.

Update:Here’s what’s going on at Asbury Park Press,” writes an APP journalist. “This ran online and in the paper. We all have to reapply for our jobs.”

Update 2: From a Fort Myers journalist — “Here at the News-Press, we will not have to reapply for our jobs. We were told only six ‘pilot’ properties will do so to balance out the power structures (i.e. get more reporters, less editors).”

Earlier from other Gannett editors:
* Asheville Citizen-Times: “We’re embarking on a sweeping reconfiguration of the way our news team is set up.”
* Pensacola News Journal: “We’re creating the newsroom of the future.”
* Greenville News: “Staff will need new tools and skillsets.”

What’s going on at other Gannett papers? Let me know, please.

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