Morning Report for August 6, 2014

* Ken Doctor points out that Gannett hasn’t grown publishing revenues in any year since 2006 – the reason broadcast/digital is splitting from print. ( | Tennessean isn’t the only Gannett paper changing strategy: There are four newsroom meetings today at the Cincinnati Enquirer. (
* U.S. State Department has no new information on Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian, who is being detained in Iran. (
* Hey, Watergate was fun! (
* (At right) Would the press ever write about a man wearing the same outfit in 1996, 2002, and 2014? (@josephwillits) | The Times of London on “Europe’s most frugal leader.” (
* Heidi Moore: Today’s journalists need to be trained in the harsh realities of the economics of news. (
* The National Counterterrorism Center spoils The Intercept’s scoop by tipping off the AP. “Our bad,” says the spy agency. (
* Report: Los Angeles Times has lost 48 newsroom staffers so far this year. (
* Jon Stewart regrets failing to “nail” Donald Rumsfeld in his 2011 interview. (
soe* Sports on Earth writers are available for hire. (
* Having fun with NYT’s TimesMachine. ( | (@nytarchives)
* Boston Globe newsroom union has concerns about the paper’s profit-sharing plan. (
* Milwaukee columnist: “It’s going to feel strange for the Journal Sentinel to be part of a newspaper chain.” (
* Wake up, people! Millions are still paying AOL for Internet – even though they don’t get their Internet access from AOL. ( | It’s AOL’s “dirty little secret.” (