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My tipster writes: “Attached [in PDFs] are the new job descriptions for positions that will be available at the Pensacola News Journal. The job titles/descriptions/duties are being standardized across Gannett. Reporter job descriptions are customized to local ‘passion topics,’ but the basic duties and descriptions came from corporate.

“Under the ‘Newsroom of the Future,’ there are 16 job descriptions. Each newsroom employee at each Gannett property must be in one of these positions. They are all digital-centric and aligned with Gannett’s new “Picasso” initiative, in which journalism is driven solely by metrics and journalists are expected to be marketers and ‘community connectors.’ [A Gannett journalist writes in an email: “As a reporter who went through the Picasso training, that line is a little misleading. First, it’s not solely on metrics. Second, metrics is more than clicks. The Chartbeat and Omniture dashboards we have allow us to measure engagement, traffic source referral patterns, social boost etc…”]

“Gannett editors are meeting at corporate headquarters in two weeks to hear more about the rollout to the Gannett sites beyond the beta test sites.”

The Jobs
Community Content Editor
Main Function: Analyzes audience needs and procures complementary community content for all platforms, such as stories, photos, videos, news briefs and blogs. Seeks partners, services and contributors to deepen products’ reach and impact. Oversees the smooth editing and production of this content into both print and digital products. Pay range: $46,400-$69,000. | Read the full description (PDF)

Content Coach
Coaches, supervises and directs the work of reporters, encouraging independent planning and self-direction. Guides reporters and photographers by applying specific expertise to ensure that they create high quality content that fulfills the newsroom’s strategy across all platforms. Focus areas include, but are not limited to: investigative reporting, narrative writing, photography and videography, beat development and digital content. Sometimes takes a hands-on approach to accelerate a story’s path to publication. Guides journalists by consultation and coaching before, during and after the creation of content. Focuses on the most important, sensitive and complex stories. Pay range: $46,400-$69,600. | Full description

Engagement Editor I
Plans and executes engagement opportunities to maximize community impact and story resonance in print, digital, community event and social media settings. Oversees content that highlights discussions and debates on important community issues. Should possess expertise in social media, marketing and events planning. Connects content with creative ways to generate community interaction both virtually and through events. May directly supervise the work of producers. Salary range: $36,000-$54,000 | Full description /CONTINUES Read More

This appeared in Friday’s Memphis Commercial Appeal:

Here’s the “incorrect type” that appeared in Thomas Bailey’s story on Thursday. I asked him about it and he responded: “I’ve forwarded your email to one of our editors who looked into it more than I did.” I’m told that the “long status alert” inserted in the story came from a copy editor, not the reporter.


Update — Editor Louis Graham tells Romenesko readers:

A copy editor had multiple screens open and as I understand copied the status update from her email into FB, then later accidently copied it, again, into the text of the story she was editing. Obviously, it’s embarrassing for her and the newspaper; it’s a regrettable accident. We ran a correction in print this morning and re-ran the story.

As you should understand, I’m not in the position to speak with you about internal disciplinary matters.

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