Morning Report for August 8, 2014

* Chicago reporters discuss how Rahm Emanuel handles the press, and “as you can imagine, everyone had a horror story – or two.” (
* How Vice News was able to pull off its “Islamic State” documentary. (
* FBI drops its plan to rate news coverage of the agency. (
* Rochester Democrat & Chronicle’s David Andreatta calls the wrong number and gets a nice feature out of it. (
* New York Daily News (at right) gets Pat Kiernan‘s Headline of the Day award. (@patkiernan) | “Hell of an A1 today” on NYT. (@katz)
* Mike Sager recalls writing “The Devil and John Holmes” for Rolling Stone in 1989. “The assignment scared the fuck out of me,” he says. (
* Why there are so many women in PR: “Having a bit of a ‘people-pleaser’ gene probably attracts and/or makes it easier for women to excel” in the field. Also, they’re good at multitasking. (
* The Ann Arbor Chronicle is shutting down September 2 – the sixth anniversary of its launch. (
* The creator of HBO’s “True Detective” insists nothing in the show was plagiarized. (