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* What happens when you Like everything on Facebook for two days? “There were no human beings in my feed anymore,” writes Mat Honan. fb “It became about brands and messaging, rather than humans with messages.” (
* Documents reveal the financial decline of Philadelphia’s dailies. ( | The Kickstarter campaign for “Deadline,” a book about Philly’s newspapers, is a few grand away from its goal. (
* Alyssa Rosenberg: “The Jezebel staffers’ complaint [about porn images in their comments section] raises a broader issue.” (
* BuzzFeed wants to be like Vice? ( | (
* At 92, Bob Montgomery is still fixing typewriters. (
* Editor at Gannett’s Indianapolis Star: “We are taking steps to significantly recast our newsroom in coming weeks.” (
* The Los Angeles Times’ new publisher is saying the right things about editorial independence. ( | What changes will Austin Beutner make? (
* Conde Nast spins off Lucky, and claims the move “reflects our belief in the strength of the Lucky brand, voice and vision.” (
* Impactful and other marketing buzzwords that need to die. (
* Stephen Smith is out as Washington Examiner editor. (Fun fact: male staffers at the paper are required to wear ties.) (
* Florida Times-Union edits out a candidate’s false comments about his endorsements. (
* Any photos on social media? “On their way to the cocktail hour, each female guest [at CNNer Michelle Kosinski‘s wedding] was gifted their own floral crown to wear throughout the night.” (
* Sweeps week, I’m guessing: “Delmarva’s News Leader” is looking for video footage of the woman who was seen pole-dancing over the weekend. (WBOCTV16)

From Saturday’s Toledo Blade story:


Despite protests, Ted Nugent went on stage Friday at a Toledo Blade-sponsored concert and blasted the newspaper – apparently because its owner said he was sorry that the Motor City Madman had been invited to the annual event. The paper paid Nugent more than $50,000 to perform, according to Blade sales director Mike Mori.

Allan Block, the chairman of the Blade’s parent company, said two weeks ago he wasn’t happy that Nugent would be at the Rib-Off, but “in my judgment the very high standard for uninviting him was not met in this case.”

* Nugent addresses criticism of his Rib-Off appearance (
* Blade owner: I’m sorry we invited Nugent, but… (

Journalist Rick Bacon wrote his obituary after he was diagnosed with lung cancer in March. “He probably did it to make sure there were no errors/typos, as errors in obits drove him up the wall,” says Stephen Guilfoyle, who calls the late editor “the best boss I ever had” and “one of the best friends I ever had.”

Bacon, 67, died Thursday. Some lines from his obituary:

* His friends will tell you he’s in a better place. The rest will say they can smell the Bacon burning. He is stress-free and at peace.

Rick Bacon

Rick Bacon

* Cremation will take place at the family’s convenience and his ashes will be kept in an urn, passed from family member to family member until no one can remember what’s in the jar.

* A memorial luncheon in Rick’s honor will be held at Pier 41 … To the crooks reading this: We left an armed guard and the four killer dogs home from the luncheon. If you come to steal, they will hurt you.

* Everyone who remembers Rick is asked to celebrate his life in their own way; telling a ‘He wasn’t so bad’ or ‘What an ass’ story of their choosing.​

* Rick Bacon obit, written by Rick Bacon ( | Newspaper’s obit (
* A tribute: “Everything is better with Bacon” (

New York Times Magazine editor’s tweet:

The press release:

She Will Continue to Write Sunday Opinion Column

NEW YORK, August 11, 2014 – The New York Times announced today that Maureen Dowd is joining The Times Magazine as a staff writer. The move will mark Ms. Dowd’s return to her roots as a narrative journalist and is the first in a series of expected announcements regarding the magazine’s major redesign, set for early 2015. Ms. Dowd will also continue to write her weekly Sunday opinion column.

Jake Silverstein, the magazine’s editor said, “Maureen is one of The Times’s signature writers. Period. And as we work toward a redesign that will put new emphasis on stylish, long-form narratives, she’ll be a brilliant addition to our team. While I can’t disclose any specific assignments yet, I can reveal that Maureen’s subject matter for the magazine will range far afield from her current bailiwick of politics, foreign affairs, Hollywood, and edible marijuana.”

Andy Rosenthal, editorial page editor of The Times said, “Maureen’s influence on our Op-Ed page can’t be overstated and I’m very happy that our readers will continue to hear her timely take on whatever the hot issue of the moment happens to be. This new adventure in her illustrious career at The Times will only enhance that voice and I’m personally delighted that we will continue our long and valued collaboration.”

* The salary gap between PR people and news reporters widens. (
* David Carr doubts people will care – or even notice – when print newspapers go away. (
* “The future may be desktop and mobile,” writes Michael Wolff, “but if print dies before that future arrives, it is quite unclear what will happen to the [New York] Times and, as well, the rest of us.” (
* Jeff Jarvis: Old media companies should be using their cash flow to reinvent themselves. (
* Harper’s publisher and “backwards old coot” John “Rick” MacArthur is wrong about a lot of things, but right about not giving away content. (
* Liev Schreiber will play Marty Baron (at right) in the upcoming movie about the Boston Globe’s clergy abuse probe. (
* A comment on BuzzFeed’s $850 million valuation: “All Reddit users should get a cut based on their link karma. It’s only fair considering we produce 80% of BuzzFeed’s content.” (@amzam) | Another $50 million for BuzzFeed. (
* Why BuzzFeed is launching a Hollywood studio. (
* Chuck Todd is expected to be the new “Meet the Press” moderator. (
* Sarcastic Dave Barry: “I don’t know what we would do down here [in Florida] without the New York Times.” (
* Jets coach Rex Ryan grills New York sports reporters. Why are the journalists playing along? asks Josh Benton. (@jbenton)
* “I cannot imagine the networks placing a newscast in primetime, as some nations — like Israel — do,” says Ken Auletta. (
* Oops! Watch for the New York Times corrections column to correct its spelling of print. (@johnmcquaid)

Status update from a St. Louis Post-Dispatch photojournalist

* Front page of today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch (
* Josh Renaud: “One of the hardest A1s I’ve ever had to design. #Ferguson is my town.” (@Kirkman)
* Looting and vandalism images ( | Photographer “dressed for the occasion” (@AntonioFrench)