Afternoon Report for August 11, 2014

* What happens when you Like everything on Facebook for two days? “There were no human beings in my feed anymore,” writes Mat Honan. fb “It became about brands and messaging, rather than humans with messages.” (
* Documents reveal the financial decline of Philadelphia’s dailies. ( | The Kickstarter campaign for “Deadline,” a book about Philly’s newspapers, is a few grand away from its goal. (
* Alyssa Rosenberg: “The Jezebel staffers’ complaint [about porn images in their comments section] raises a broader issue.” (
* BuzzFeed wants to be like Vice? ( | (
* At 92, Bob Montgomery is still fixing typewriters. (
* Editor at Gannett’s Indianapolis Star: “We are taking steps to significantly recast our newsroom in coming weeks.” (
* The Los Angeles Times’ new publisher is saying the right things about editorial independence. ( | What changes will Austin Beutner make? (
* Conde Nast spins off Lucky, and claims the move “reflects our belief in the strength of the Lucky brand, voice and vision.” (
* Impactful and other marketing buzzwords that need to die. (
* Stephen Smith is out as Washington Examiner editor. (Fun fact: male staffers at the paper are required to wear ties.) (
* Florida Times-Union edits out a candidate’s false comments about his endorsements. (
* Any photos on social media? “On their way to the cocktail hour, each female guest [at CNNer Michelle Kosinski‘s wedding] was gifted their own floral crown to wear throughout the night.” (
* Sweeps week, I’m guessing: “Delmarva’s News Leader” is looking for video footage of the woman who was seen pole-dancing over the weekend. (WBOCTV16)