RIP Rick Bacon: Editor who hated errors in obituaries writes his own obit

Journalist Rick Bacon wrote his obituary after he was diagnosed with lung cancer in March. “He probably did it to make sure there were no errors/typos, as errors in obits drove him up the wall,” says Stephen Guilfoyle, who calls the late editor “the best boss I ever had” and “one of the best friends I ever had.”

Bacon, 67, died Thursday. Some lines from his obituary:

* His friends will tell you he’s in a better place. The rest will say they can smell the Bacon burning. He is stress-free and at peace.

Rick Bacon

Rick Bacon

* Cremation will take place at the family’s convenience and his ashes will be kept in an urn, passed from family member to family member until no one can remember what’s in the jar.

* A memorial luncheon in Rick’s honor will be held at Pier 41 … To the crooks reading this: We left an armed guard and the four killer dogs home from the luncheon. If you come to steal, they will hurt you.

* Everyone who remembers Rick is asked to celebrate his life in their own way; telling a ‘He wasn’t so bad’ or ‘What an ass’ story of their choosing.‚Äč

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