Property taxes may force retired New York Times editor and wife to leave Scarsdale

Seymour Topping, who worked at the New York Times for 33 years, and wife Audrey – also a journalist – say they may have to move out of Scarsdale because their property taxes nearly doubled.

The Topping residence

The Topping residence

The retired Timesman says on video:

Audrey and I are journalists, and we covered the wars in Asian – before we came home here, to live here in Scarsdale for about 25 years – and we’ve had a lot of shocks. But this was another kind of a shock when we got our new assessment, and the protected increase in our taxes.

Our property taxes doubled from $45,000, projected, to $85,000, and it was quite a shock. …We only paid $80,000 for this old house and a couple of acres back in 1967. …Audrey and I have to think now, can we continue to afford to live here? We live on a pension, and we’re not rich people.

Their 13-room home is now assessed at $4.2 million.

Audrey says: “Tops is 92 and I’m 87 – 86 – so it’s not easy for us to move out, but the taxes may make us – force us to move from Scarsdale.”

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