Morning Report for August 13, 2014

* Associated Press video journalist Simone Camilli and his translator, Ali Shehda Abu Afash, are killed in Gaza. (
* New York Times foreign editor: “We are very concerned about protecting the safety of the reporters working on the [Ebola] story.” (
* Purdue student paper sues to get university surveillance video. (
* [At right] “Wow, plagiarize much @VICE?” tweets the editorial director at New York magazine’s The Cut. Your response, Vice? (@stellabugbee)
* An Iowa paper is forced to run “a ridiculous mug shot” after a judge threatens to hold its photographer in contempt for taking a picture of a defendant without permission. (AP via
* The Wyoming Supreme Court rules for the state’s media in a records case. (
* New York Times freelance photographer Whitney Curtis is hit by a rubber bullet while covering Ferguson protests. (@PDPJ)
* “Are you an embed from Gawker?” a conservative news site asks a new hire who wants to use a pseudonym. (
* AP veteran Linda Deutsch is celebrating Elvis Week. (Joe Strupp)
* Best paragraph in today’s Des Moines Register: “[Rick] Perry seemed pumped up after his enthusiastic, heckle-free reception at the Register’s Soapbox. When the Register’s moderator thanked him as he came off the stage, Perry said: ‘You’re welcome. I’m awesome!'” (
* Media ethics site goes after Seattle Weekly for its white guys/ethnic food story written by a PR person. (
* What Gawker Media’s doing about its rape GIF problem. (
* JOBS: Interested in journalism and law? We have a job for you. (Romenesko Jobs)
* David Carr and other older journalists “refuse to acknowledge that their children never picked up the habit of reading at least one physical newspaper every day, and that the mass of print holdouts are dying off every year.” (
* Tina Brown is selling her oceanfront hideaway for $11.85 million. (