Courier-Journal restaurant critic: Breastfeeding mom wasn’t ‘shamed’ in my review

This is the third paragraph of Louisville Courier-Journal restaurant critic Nancy Miller’s review of Palermo Viejo:

I’m all for mothers (I am one) and I’m all for eschewing baby formula for the real thing. But I wish the nursing mother at an adjoining table would have thought to bring a cover-up or would not have assumed that other diners would welcome being that close to what is undeniably a natural and loving bonding experience. However, Palermo Viejo is the kind of place where guests feel comfortable to be themselves and revel in the togetherness that’s fostered by a much beloved neighborhood restaurant. That’s a good thing, but so is a cover-up.

Predictably, Miller heard from angry readers who claimed that she had “shamed” the mother. Miller went on Facebook to answer her critics.
“In no way did I shame the mother,” she writes. “I did, however, suggest that other diners might not ‘welcome being that close to what is undeniably a natural and loving bonding experience.’ …

“Several people called for me to apologize to the mother, other nursing mothers and, I assume, breasts in general. Since I did not shame or attack the mother, there is no apology needed and I don’t offer one.

“Many of those same people said I should put a blanket or towel over my head when I eat in a restaurant. I’m planning on going out to dinner tonight. Their comments give an entirely new meaning to the question, ‘What to wear?'”

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