Why former Oregon First Lady Mary Oberst doesn’t like The Oregonian

Letter to Romenesko
From FRED LEONHARDT: In her disingenuous diatribe, [former Oregon First Lady] Mary Oberst (at left)newoberst fails to point out that her real gripe against The Oregonian might also stem from [a 2004 Oregonian] article in which her husband, Governor Ted Kulongoski, was accused of having appointed a man he knew to be a child rapist to the state board of higher education, and then lying about what he knew. [Leonhardt had worked as the accused man’s speechwriter.]

The story was then followed-up by Oregonian columnist Steve Duin, with such scathing headlines as “Kulongoski is a Liar and the Oregon State Bar Couldn’t Care Less,” and “Ted Kulongoski’s Pants Just Caught Fire,” among many others.

* Good to meet you, Mary Oberst (theguardian.com)