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* Censorship and intimidation at this week’s Space and Missile Defense Symposium. “Part of the overreaction … might have been due to a producer with the CBS news program ’60 Minutes’ attending the show.” (
* Reporter Zoe Barnes sleeping with Frank Underwood was too much for Rep. Paul “It turned my stomach,” he tells Parade. (
* A coalition of 48 news organizations is protesting journalists’ treatment in Ferguson. (
* Shawn Binder quits Thought Catalog, which he calls a “beautiful company” that’s giving voice to hate speech. (
* Medium follower lists are now public – and there’s no “block” feature. (
* Al Gore and Joel Hyatt say Al Jazeera owes them $65 million for the Current TV deal. (
* Purdue’s president claims the Purdue Exponent “is a monopoly, really. It’s not a student run newspaper, it’s a business — a very successful business run by adults.” (
* This “breaking” news about San Francisco Chronicle’s Dave Perlman sitting in the same chair for 67 years appears to be incorrect. (@peterhartlaub) | He’s 95: (
* Tech reporter Chris O’Brien says farewell to Silicon Valley and hello to France. (
* No digital breaks for Kara Swisher. “My BlackBerry was in my hand while I was having my baby.” (
* Dick Cavett and Keith Olbermann blast New York Daily News’s Robin Williams cover. ( | The cover: (
* Journalist Donovan Webster is arrested for DUI in connection with a fatal crash. (


The Pensacola News Journal – one of the Gannett papers that’s creating “The Newsroom of the Future” – is auctioning off old newsroom items (the paper calls them “journalism history”) tomorrow morning. “We’re selling everything – everything must go,” says reporter Troy Moon (above). “I don’t know what half this stuff is.”

Fire extinguishers, books, a cartoonist’s lightboard, heaters and a calculator are among the items being sold. (If you attend the auction tomorrow, please jot down the winning bids and pass them along to me.)

Meanwhile, the News Journal announced today that publisher Terry Horne is leaving after just eight months on the job. According to the PNJ story, staffers were so upset by his “heartbreaking” departure – did they even get to know him? – that they needed tissues to dry their eyes. Horne is transferring to Gannett’s Statesman Journal.

* Pensacola News Journal auctions off journalism history (
* “Boxes of tissue began circulating” when Horne broke the news (

* Update: Bob Woodward’s chair is “journalism history”; this is junk (

Tweeted by a New York Times reporter in Ferguson…

* “Mr. Wilson’s neighbors don’t want to talk to reporters” (@jswatz)
* Darren Wilson named as officer in Ferguson shooting (
* Here’s what the Ferguson Police Department gave to reporters today (

Oh, Saveur, you’re just begging to get sued!


I’ve asked Saveur associate test kitchen director Farideh Sadeghin about her ad.

* Saveur is hiring fall interns! (
* “Your proposed unpaid positions are in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act” (

* Update: Saveur pulled the ad, but it’s cached here.

A top editor at a Gannett newspaper writes: “Highly amusing that in a holier-than-thou rant about how Gannett is allegedly ‘settling for quick, cheap, sloppy work’ because the company supposedly has a goal of ‘the elimination of Gannett’s remaining copy editors’ (which is wrong, by the way), Mr. [John] McIntyre appears not to have heeded his own advice about ‘being your own editor,’ to wit:”


* Everyone their own editor (

* This could get interesting: Activist investor Carl Icahn takes a 6.6% stake in Gannett. He wants to have discussions with management “relating to the planned separation, corporate governance, capitalization and capital allocation.” ( | WSJ: Gannett appears to have beaten Icahn to the punch. (
* The decision to kill KSJ Tracker is questioned by commenters. One says: “The Tracker stood alone as a place where science writers would be praised for excellence and held accountable of brain cramps and lapses.” (
* Maclean’s Robin Williams tribute issue (at right) is free for iPad users. (
* A South Carolina TV station is sued after posting a video showing a woman’s name, address and social security number. (
* The author of BuzzFeed’s “What’s the Deal With Jazz?” piece admits she deleted it because “I was deeply embarrassed by it.” (
* Reporters at Sun-Times Media Group’s suburban Chicago papers complain about story quotas. (Minimum is two and a half stories per day.) “We have to scramble to meet our quotas so we go for the low-hanging fruit,” says one reporter. (
* Tampa Tribune pulls a column about Disney’s “pro-gay agenda.” One of the paper’s former reporters says “the first time I read it I thought it was satire.” (
* New “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd “is chattier than [David] Gregory [and] he’ll be able to break down barriers and get people off of their talking points.” (
* Advice for Gannett journalists (and others) who will be working without copy editors. (
* New York Times’ marijuana series has nearly 2 million readers. (
* Exit interviews with journalism interns. ( | (