Afternoon Report for August 15, 2014

* Censorship and intimidation at this week’s Space and Missile Defense Symposium. “Part of the overreaction … might have been due to a producer with the CBS news program ’60 Minutes’ attending the show.” (
* Reporter Zoe Barnes sleeping with Frank Underwood was too much for Rep. Paul “It turned my stomach,” he tells Parade. (
* A coalition of 48 news organizations is protesting journalists’ treatment in Ferguson. (
* Shawn Binder quits Thought Catalog, which he calls a “beautiful company” that’s giving voice to hate speech. (
* Medium follower lists are now public – and there’s no “block” feature. (
* Al Gore and Joel Hyatt say Al Jazeera owes them $65 million for the Current TV deal. (
* Purdue’s president claims the Purdue Exponent “is a monopoly, really. It’s not a student run newspaper, it’s a business — a very successful business run by adults.” (
* This “breaking” news about San Francisco Chronicle’s Dave Perlman sitting in the same chair for 67 years appears to be incorrect. (@peterhartlaub) | He’s 95: (
* Tech reporter Chris O’Brien says farewell to Silicon Valley and hello to France. (
* No digital breaks for Kara Swisher. “My BlackBerry was in my hand while I was having my baby.” (
* Dick Cavett and Keith Olbermann blast New York Daily News’s Robin Williams cover. ( | The cover: (
* Journalist Donovan Webster is arrested for DUI in connection with a fatal crash. (