Pensacola News Journal auctions off ‘pieces of journalism history’ (an old phone, anyone?)


The Pensacola News Journal – one of the Gannett papers that’s creating “The Newsroom of the Future” – is auctioning off old newsroom items (the paper calls them “journalism history”) tomorrow morning. “We’re selling everything – everything must go,” says reporter Troy Moon (above). “I don’t know what half this stuff is.”

Fire extinguishers, books, a cartoonist’s lightboard, heaters and a calculator are among the items being sold. (If you attend the auction tomorrow, please jot down the winning bids and pass them along to me.)

Meanwhile, the News Journal announced today that publisher Terry Horne is leaving after just eight months on the job. According to the PNJ story, staffers were so upset by his “heartbreaking” departure – did they even get to know him? – that they needed tissues to dry their eyes. Horne is transferring to Gannett’s Statesman Journal.

* Pensacola News Journal auctions off journalism history (
* “Boxes of tissue began circulating” when Horne broke the news (

* Update: Bob Woodward’s chair is “journalism history”; this is junk (