Are they catcalling this New York Post reporter – or laughing at her big shoes?


I’ve asked Post reporter Doree Lewark about her big shoes, which I suspect she borrowed for the photo shoot.

Some great comments about this silly New York Post piece:
* “Someone wrote an Onion article and the NY Post picked it up instead.” (@JenASchiller)
* “And with this, the dumbest column in history, the NY Post officially reaches peak troll.” (@chezpazienza)
* “The New York Post hits a new, terrible level of, well, New York Post-iness.” (@AlexKoppelman)
* “It seems like satire but I can’t call it.” (@Carnegro)
* “The pro-catcall ny post piece is master trolling.” (@owillis)

* New York Post comes out boldly in favor of catcalling (
* What this reporter likes is called “street harassment” by most women (