Morning Report for August 19, 2014

* Afghanistan’s attorney general won’t let New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg leave the country. (
* “There is no journalism textbook on how to cover a riot.” (Kindle Single idea?) (
* Ferguson protesters go after the media. ( | Intercept reporter Ryan Devereaux is detained in Ferguson. ( | Update: He’s been released. | Getty Images photographer Scott Olson was in custody for a few hours. (
* Capt. Ron Johnson‘s statement on arresting journalists. (@MatthewKeysLive)
* A reporter says covering the protests “has been memorable, exhilarating and downright exhausting.” ( | Protests outside of CNN’s headquarters. (@hilaryr)
will* Jeff Edelstein: “When I’m interacting with @WillMcAvoyACN, I usually need to remind myself Will McAvoy does not exist. Existential crises have been built on much less.” (
* Editor’s farewell column: “While I’ve yet to work in a newsroom anywhere where bashing the local newspaper was not considered a ‘sport,’ I’ve been disappointed at the way some think it’s OK to use the staffers here as human pinatas.” (
* Against editors: ( | For editors: (
* “I’m not so sure that newspapers are in their death throes,” writes Sharon Waxman. (
* Newsweek is adding staff and building a continuous news desk. (
* How alt-weeklies can take advantage of the local daily’s troubles. (
* “For your next job,” writes Clay Shirky, “you may need to convince your future bosses that you are valuable all by your lonesome, but that part of that value is working well on a team.” (
* Longtime Rolling Stone writer Charles M. Young has died. (@wdana) | Young’s faceoff against cancer: (Chuck M. Young)mad
* Uh-oh: Matthew Weiner predicts the “Mad Men” finale will get mixed reviews. (
* What’s needed to save “Meet the Press.” (
* The Kickstarter campaign for “Deadline” – Will Steacy‘s book about the struggles of Philly’s newspapers – went $10,000 over its goal. (
* New York Times is nominated for four Streamy Awards. (
* The Ashtabula (OH) Star Beacon reports its sports editor has been accused of inappropriate conduct with minors. (