[UPDATED] Harvard Crimson pulls article due to author’s safety concerns

According to former Reuters journalist Andrew MacG Marshall, a Harvard Crimson writer received a death threat from a Thai microbiologist from UCLA, which prompted the paper [see the update below] to pull “Troubles with Thai Studies.” I’ve contacted Crimson president Samuel Weinstock for more information about the threat and the man who made it.

Wednesday evening update – Weinstock tells me the piece was pulled because of threats from within Thailand, and not because of the microbiologist’s post. “Yesterday, the author informed us about a number of concerns regarding his ability to leave Thailand safely, which he did this morning. … We remove content from our website only in very exceptional circumstances, and are glad that the author is safe and that the piece is back up now.”


* UCLA microbiologist allegedly makes death threat against Crimson writer (dailybruin.com)
* Troubles with Thai Studies (thecrimson.com) | @zenjournalist
* UCLA says it won’t discipline its employee (laweekly.com)

– h/t Peter Heimlich