University of Mary Washington student newspaper is no longer called The Bullet


Beginning September 4, The Bullet at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA, becomes The Blue & Gray Press. “The editorial board felt that the paper’s name, which alludes to ammunition for an artillery weapon, propagated violence and did not honor our school’s history in a sensitive manner,” says a release. “The new name is simple but calls forth UMW’s colors, giving a direct reference back to the school and students the university paper should represent.”

A name change was also considered in 1971, at the time of the Vietnam War. The Bullet was founded in 1922.

Update — Managing editor Mariah Young writes:

I think [this post] framed our decision as being centered solely around the issue of gun imagery. While this was one of many reasons for the name change, it was not the leading reason, which is the impression the article puts forth. Rather, the biggest reason for the name change was so that the paper’s name reflected something students could connect with. As it previously stood, the name of the publication had no relation to the school community and therefore did not reflect the school it served in the way college newspapers – and all school organizations – should. Blue & Gray symbolizes the university’s colors and represents our school’s spirit. We believe this is a symbol the UMW community can feel a connection to, whereas The Bullet did not connect the students with their paper.

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