[UPDATED] St. Louis Post-Dispatch alums send treats to former colleagues

(Photo: Robert Cohen)

(Photo: Robert Cohen)

Former St. Louis Post-Dispatch employees set up a Paypal account this week and raised more than $700 to treat former colleagues.

“Newspapers are like family – dysfunctional, whip-smart, dirty-minded families,” says Dawn Fallik, who organized the fund. “Even when you leave, you still love each other. We knew this was a really hard time for the P-D and all the St. Louis media. More than 20 former staffers donated … and we reached out to Amy’s Corner Bakeshop because we knew she’d been a former staffer as well.”

Former Post-Dispatch copy editor Amy Verkamp-McArthy was hired to bake 75 cupcakes – decorated with gas masks and caution signs – and platters of cookies, brownies, lemon bars and other treats. The former P-D staffers raised enough money for another batch of baked goods to be delivered next week.

* Robert Cohen: Post-Dispatch alums sent us cupcakes (@kodacohen)