Dear Subway: Reporters don’t respond well to ‘EDIT NEEDED’ orders from PR people

Philadelphia Phillies slugger and Subway pitchman Ryan Howard spent some time with Little League World Series players Thursday as part of a promotion arranged by the sandwich chain. The event was well-covered, but one Subway publicist didn’t think his client got enough exposure and advised sports journalists to edit their stories to include Subway’s name.

Here’s publicist (and former CBS Sports staffer) Michael Pernal‘s email to Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia’s Sarah Baicker:

Baicker tells me: “As soon as I saw the subject line and realized it was from the PR rep, my jaw dropped. I thought, ‘Seriously? Edit Needed?’subhoward You’ve got to be kidding.’ … I mean, wasn’t the fact that Howard was wearing a Subway jersey and carrying a sandwich with him when he did his [broadcast] interview enough?”

She wasn’t the only Philadelphia reporter to hear from the publicist; the Inquirer’s Matt Breen and the Daily News’ Stephanie Farr were also advised to add Subway to their stories. “We are the free press not your press,” Farr tweeted to Subway. She added: “The #LLWS is about the kids, not your sandwiches. The way your PR rep is operating is #shameful.”

I’ve invited Pernal to comment.

* Subway emails writers to include sponsor in Little League World Series stories (