Morning Report for August 22, 2014

* A health care company has no right to review the Boston Globe’s reporting before its story is published this weekend, says a judge. (
* Washington Post to President Obama: Turn your words about journalists into deeds and leave James Risen alone. (
* I’m no spy, says New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg. (@mrosenbergNYT)
* An early look at The New Yorker’s Ferguson cover. (
* Afghan presidential candidates say they’ll reverse Rosenberg’s expulsion. (
* MediaNama has fun with the Reuters content acquisition chief’s idiocy. (
* Philadelphia Daily News reporters Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman say investigators are using the Philadelphia Inquirer to tarnish their reputation. (
* “The tablet magazine has been flawed from the start.” (
* A magazine ad salesman is threatened with a felony extortion charge for using hard-sell tactics. (
* Leo York of Albuquerque is outed as one of the “media assholes” in Ferguson. (
* Lisa DePaulo: “I always tell profile subjects: The more time you give me, the less time I’ll spend calling everyone you ever knew.” (
* High Times didn’t publish its 40th anniversary issue in June because that’s a lousy sales month; it’ll come out in November instead. (
* New York Times launches a free daily mini-crossword puzzle. (
* The late Rolling Stone writer Charles M. Young helped start a support group for guys addicted to alcohol and Elvis. (
* Robert Sherrill – “an inexhaustible loner of Washington journalism” – dies at 89. (
* He didn’t read Clay Shirky‘s death-of-print memo? “We’re printing [even more] papers because the world is making us print papers.” (
* Vogue’s Anna Wintour is said to have a $200,000 clothing allowance. (
* Must Not-See TV: In a new WE tv reality show, people have sex in a box and then discuss what happened. (