Morning Report for August 25, 2014

Note the names in this cutline
* Chinky Winky and Dinky Doo: “An internal investigation is underway to uncover the source of this intolerable abuse and to prevent it from ever happening again,” says the Philadelphia Public Record. “We apologize whole-heartedly to the Asian American community and to all Philadelphians.” (
* Time Inc.’s Norman Pearlstine: “I think all the journalistic instincts are to have heroes and villains. It’s either ‘this person is good, this person is bad,’ ‘this person is smart, that person is stupid.’ More often than not, there’s a lot of gray.” (
* New York Times’ digital growth is slowing. New customers have mostly been subscribing to the recently launched cheaper NYT Now app. (
* Michael Wolff calls UK’s Mail Online “one of the few sites where homepage traffic has consistently grown.” (
* “Meet the Press” needs more edge, says NBC News boss Deborah Turness. “It needs to be consequential.” (
* Jeff Zucker tells CNN staffers: “We are going to have to do what we do with less. As a result, that means there will be changes.” (
* “Vice is deadly serious about doing real news that people, yes, even young people, will actually watch,” writes David Carr. ( | “Vice News isn’t TV news.” (
video* Hard to believe that the Purdue student newspaper had to sue to get this security video. (That’s a student photographer with his hands up.) (
* Philadelphia Weekly’s Randy LoBasso: “All that shit in your Facebook feed – the nip slips, the One Weird Tricks, the People of Walmart – people will click it, but does any of it actually matter? Probably not.” (
* Detroit Free Press’s high school journalism program is saved. ( | Earlier: The Free Press abruptly ends a 29-year-old program. (
* Playboy’s now running listicles. “A title once known as a media innovator has now become a follower,” notes John McDuling. (
* North Carolina State U. newspaper kills the Friday print edition. ( | The Daily Sundial at Cal State Northridge is now a weekly. ( | University of Houston’s Daily Cougar is now “print weekly, digital daily.” (
* One writer on freelancing: “I despise it. It’s not worth my energy. They’re paying much less money for stupid stories.” ((
* “I knew we had a branding problem when people didn’t know we had a journalism program,” says the head of a Texas college’s j-department. (