Evening Report for August 26, 2014

* “Being paid to write stories is a pretty sweet gig,” says The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson. “Answering an economist’s email at 11:30 PM with a splash of Four Roses bourbon while SportsCenter flickers in the background is not a terrible way to live. (capitalnewyork.com)
* Kidnapped journalists are crime victims,” notes Steve Coll. (newyorker.com)
* ESPN’s coverage of Michael Sam‘s shower habits draws protests. (washingtonpost.com) | (deadspin.com)
* Rapper confusion at KSAT-TV in San Antonio. (mysanantonio.com)
reddit* Students who take the MIT course that’s dubbed “Credit for Reddit” examine what makes the site work, and compare and contrast it with other social media. (vice.com) | Journalists should pay more attention to Reddit. (gigaom.com)
* Elizabeth Spiers‘ pledge: “I will write mostly badly and more often.” (elizabethspiers.com)
* An NPR interview subject admits he tries to intimidate bicyclists; some listeners don’t like the way the admission is handled. (npr.org)
* Roger Franklin: “When I was at Time, everyone ‘worked’ late on Fridays so the company would pay for $200 taxis to Hamptons. No more.” (@jolly_rogered)
* The last line of a long piece titled “Who Reads Mein Kampf”: “Full disclosure: I did not read Mein Kampf. Because it’s by Hitler.” (theawl.com)
* Washington Post’s Fred Hiatt discusses the paper’s climate change editorials with Joe Strupp. (mediamatters.org)
* New BuzzFeed president Greg Coleman says “I’m gonna be catching up to the rocket ship, getting into the rocket ship. Then once I catch up, I’ll figure out how to add the value the team here wants me to add.” (usatoday.com)
* “The [Philadelphia] Daily News was and is a fabulous foil to The Inquirer, but…” (frumped.org)
* Fire Sale coming soon? Amazon probably hasn’t sold more than 35,000 of its Fire phones. (marketwatch.com)